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The REVEALING Refusal To Install “Bird-Safe” Glass In Minneapolis Sports Stadium


by naml al-Haddad


If the Vi-Queens owners can pay out millions APIECE to their collection of Great Apes, then they certainly can TOO (more…)

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 “Я ебать вокруг…Я ебать вокруг с дурачье оцифрованы…” волк пел и ждал бабушка прийти домой с ней новый iPAD….

The Smirking Wolf -- 071914

That’s fine…but, alas, we can’t help thinking that Grandma called her granddaughter & her boyfriend, the hunter, on her new iPad & they came along & blew the poor wolf all to Hell….

The moral?

DON’T lounge around & sing dirty songs on Granny’s front step, or she WILL sneak in the back door & pour a kettleful of boiling water out over your head from an upstairs window.

[Bodwyn Wook

[all rights revert to holders

[19 July 2014]

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DON’T Go Out There & Get YOUR Ass Kicked By Louding OFF & Saying The Wrong Thing!

by Bodwyn “Keep It TO Yerself!” Wook


Some Friends on MyFace find these “contests” pretty disgusting….

Well, in this society & from our definitely handicapping position of mental advantage in such a setup, of course they are….

The report nonetheless is just a good reminder that “folks” ARE (more…)

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‘Independence Day’

by Bodwyn, Lord Wook


Properly speaking, HM Eliza regina ii remains Sovereign of North America & therefore boobs on the order of la Clinton & Husfru, The Two Bushkins AND Osama Obama, plus the Dreadful Canuck Harper, the whole insanitary boiling are MERELY her ‘first ministers’ in ALL of these Dominions. 

Whereat HM should assert her Prerogative & toss out, O-U-T, all (!) of these quack ‘Lords of Mis-rule’. 

Oh, yes, AND those duumvir twats in London, messrs Cameron & The OTHER One, likewise.

[Bodwyn Wook

[all rights revert to holders

[4 July 2014]

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THE Bad News About “Reality”

by Bodwyn Wook


Nature IS brutal & it simply builds up & tears down, as Old Heraclitus wrote.

We are now reaping the inevitable reward incurred by all “successful” species, namely extinction because of our own innate & IRREDEMPTIBLE excesses.

Evolution, in spite of being the preferred plaything today of “rationalists” beating up on religious idiots, probably in & of itself does not mean “progress” because it CAN not mean anything beyond itself.

Fortunately, these (more…)

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Why Having Jug Ears Mean That You WILL Be Thrown Into The Henhouse By The Cops!

by Chief Constable Bodwyn Wook [retd], Bureau ‘B’, Araminta Station, Cadwal Conservancy, Cadwal Planet


Again, we may see for ourselves from the sallow & unappetising countenance of this most-recent police case the clear stigmata of physical & psycho-social inferiority resulting from genetic damage over generations subsisting on industrial ‘food':

The jug ears, the expression of moral vacancy, the plain narcissism & corollary inability at this late stage of familial genetic decline for these botched individuals to be able even to learn to (more…)

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ARE We Being Had By A PHONY “War” Between Religion & Science?


by “Bishop” Wook

Okeh, Boys & Girls…so, NOW, put ON them thinking caps:

BECAUSE…when you calm down & just look CLOSE at the bottomline terminology here…it just REALLY does seem to me that in terms of Evolution AND Religion, when you look real close at him, mankind is a REAL “random” God-damned fiasco! (more…)

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A Short Note On All Of The God-Damned FRACKING Around!

by Bodwyn Wook?

I am certainly grieved by the destruction of the World by Man & oil-roughnecks are certainly a gung-ho population of Unwed Fathers just dripping (!) with VD ["STD's" -- editor] & The Clap & Feminism be damned, DO lock UP your daughters, all that…but, energy & food autarky WOULD be worthy goals for all of this bullshit fracking around being done by The Big Companies — IF American wellbeing was even on the table.

But, guess WHAT, it is NOT.

THESE God-damned corporations MAY be headed by US “citizens”, but Jesus Christ dancing La Cucaracha in Hell, I’d FAR rather have a bunch of “illegal” Mexicans in charge — THEY anyway DO love THIS country.

And, the Corporate Class simply do NOT.

They CAN not…The Money will NOT let them.

[Bodwyn Wook

[all rights reserved

[18 June 2014]

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A LOT To “Think” About…For A “Good” LONG Time….

by B “SUFI To You, Bitch!” Wook


The collapse of Nature’s latest “successful” species, namely ours, mercifully enough IS racing down on top of OUR too, Too, TOO many fool selves faster & faster with every second; other kinds of beings too, many of THESE heartstoppingly beautiful, will be extinguished with us, not all however, and (more…)

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The Poison Monkey

by B “Ape’s ASS!” Wook


There are over 6 billion complex although flawed apes like ourselves & now more-and-more of them are living in mentally peculiar domains such as religion & business & academia & that ARE so removed from material first-approximation Reality that Nature, itself, is now trying out methods of sorting the destructive problem of ANY undue species’ “success”; in my perception, these Pentagon johnnies may “think” that “they” are “deciding” to do this — and now, too, any number of other rival human “dominant” groups within societies — but, it is Nature in the last analysis that IS organizing in a manifold ensemble of methods the killling off of ITS overproduction of a particular species. We have through random evolutionary processes appeared in a planetary biosphere with a perhaps irremediably flawed cerebral kotex that makes us MUCH too bloodyminded, and that together with our opposable thumbs makes us un-functionally destructive.

[B Wook

[all rights revert to holders

[13 June 2914]

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