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Are We Alone?


Dr Paul Paul Davies
The Australian Centre for Astrobiology
MacQuarie University

DEAR Professor Davies:

I Am reading with great interest your essay, /Are We Alone?/. I Note on page 81 of the 1995 ‘Harper’ [US] editon that you write, while wings have been invented [/sic/] only three or four times: ‘…the wheel is absent altogether in Earthlife’.  NOW It seems to me in fact that wheels are altogether too-present!FOR Myself, therefore, better understanding seems now to ensue when I remove the man-nature ‘split’ and moreover treat removal of this previously-useful interpretive-device as, in itself, a necessary heuristic tool.THUS, All IS nature.AND So one may find, because certain density-nodes in nature [ourselves] become self-aware in time, that this may [does! I say] point to emerging self-awareness in nature, of itself.THIS Leads one to the perception that whatever we may mean by ‘God’ above all is about ‘the future’–and, BEYOND. The eschatologies of the neurologically-rooted human imagination [as in christianity and islam] all seem to me point to what SF-writer Jack Vance has called in his delightful fictions ‘the Beyond’. Or, as well, to whatever state it is that in plain point of physical fact ‘already’ exists /beyond/ the whole ensemble of completely-realised historical possibilities all inherent in matter.I Wonder whether you may not have noticed for yourself the physically-real aspect of all ‘fiction’ and ‘phantasy’? I mean as, in themselves, so many enduring webs of coherent electrons, arising in our biological brains–and, one suspects, taking their enduring place, too, in Dr Hawking’s ‘light-cone’.

IT Is ALL ‘real’, one suspects.

DREADFUL Mysticism–but, I DO enjoy your stuff, and would only wish to close by saying:

THANK You very much!


s/Bodwyn Wook, Chief Constable & IPCC-affiliate, Bureau ‘B’, Cadwal planet.

PS: To all–Professor Davies’ website is quite the thing!http://aca.mq.edu.au/PaulDavies/pdavies.html –Wook  

[Emmett R Smith          all rights reserved  28 February 2006]     

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