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by Emmett  Smith

 [YOUR Attention, please.  The following text contains bad language.  It is material not suitable for small children; nor, argumentative adolescents; nor, for persons of an either arbitrary or conservative, or simply decent, temperament.  It is included here as a curiosity; and, as material of interest to linguistic scholars of dialect; and, of invective in LeRay twp, in old Blue Earth county, MN, in the 1950’s:  caveat lector — BW]

by Emmett Smith

AS I recall, in 1958 gas was twenty-one or twenty-nine cents a gallon and hay conditioners were the bane (more…)

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by Bodwyn Wook

ON BBC Radio 4, to-day, a lot of noise was made about the fact that Prince Charles has spoken up publicly in support of what in England now is referred to as (more…)

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by Nejmi MuHammad

ONCE When we were in London in August, 1986, si‘ Smeet’, er, Smeeth and I went out on a long walk together. 
     It was the Bank Holiday weekend when as is well-known Londoners love (more…)

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by Mahmood Nedgemee

A Traditional saying among muslim students of the thorny problem of "wisdom" is:
     "The person who tastes knows."
     It's all the difference between reading about strawberries for example–and actually (more…)

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by Emmett R Smith

IT Was Baroness Thatcher who (in)famously decreed in the 1980’s, that ‘society doesn’t exist’.  Now, as well, the public no longer exists as (more…)

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