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by ‘abd al-‘Abru

At last a man become fully (more…)


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Book Review by Emmett R Smith

The Year of Decision 1846, by Bernard DeVoto  ('Little, Brown and Company', Boston, 1943)

'M[R. Ralph Waldo] Emerson had an earthier image:  "The United States will conquer Mexico but (more…)

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by Nadgemee Mahound

WHEN Muslim sufis state that the common opponents of human progress and development are (more…)

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by Emmett R Smith

IN Five Days in London (1999), hungarian-american historian emeritus John Lukacs argues that on 28 May 1940 newly-appointed prime minister Winston Churchill held (more…)

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Book Review by Emmett R Smith

The Horse and Buggy Doctor, by Arthur E. Hertzler, M.D.  (‘Harper & Brothers’, New York, 1939)

‘THE Most common complaints of the aged are pain or cough.  One can control each of these simply and efficiently.  If they have high blood pressure or low blood pressure, all right they have high or low blood pressure and there is no use making them miserable either mentally or physically by trying to do what just can’t be done.  If they get pneumonia or a brain hemorrhage you know (more…)

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by the Author of Bodwyn Wook & other japes

AS I am a great Lover of all Works of ingenuity, so more especially am I a great Admirer & Student of those Labours of the Learned, called (more…)

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by Bodwyn Wook

AND On yet another occasion George Bush Jr seen A Vietnam vet Phantom-jet pilot in the diningroom.  He had been shot down and kept prisoner for years by the North Vietnamese.  The young man started to trap off excitedly about how he just bet HE would have shot down MORE enemy planes than the veteran–if only “I’d been able to get into combat!”  Yeah, that’s just what he said….

CLICK On this link and see what happened to HIM:


[Emmett R Smith     all text-rights reserved   4 June 2006]

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