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by Nezhmi Mohamed

SEVERAL Persons who have asked to remain nameless object to to my earlier reference to victims (more…)


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by Mohamet Nagim

PROGRESS Is taking place.  This is shown by the fact that even though for example SCICOP (the Scientistic Committee for Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal) can be an annoying organization full of “professional sceptics,” still as far as I have heard (and unlike in other religions!) there are NO SECRET BROTHERHOODS OF SCIENTISTS SENDING OUT GANGS AND RELAYS OF SUICIDE-BOMBERS.  Therefore to declare the end of Modern Age science is not “secret pessimism.”  It is all just a matter of seeing clearly that the time has come for taking the next step….


[Emmett R Smith  

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[31 July 2006]

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by MaHmood Nedjmi

EVERY So often, in “in-depth” reports on terrorism for example on MPR and the BBC, one hears that Sufi orders are (more…)

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by Nejmii Mahomed

AS My friend si’ Smit’, er Smeeth has written (more…)

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by Emmett R Smith

LANDMARKS In history, writes historian John Lukacs, are easily (more…)

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by Najmi Mohamed

SUFIS Are altogether mysterious in the precise sense of the word.  The work they do is necessarily hidden both because it is often (more…)

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by Nazhmee Mahound

VERY Often people who have read a certain number of books want to learn (more…)

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