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by Nadjam Hameed

PEOPLE Have asked on several occasions what is wisdom and what (more…)


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by Ras al-Baphomet

[AND So, h]uman groupings arise to meet the need for inculcating individual ‘conscience’, which is only meaningful (more…)

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by Si’ MuHammad Nezhmi

[at the Masjid al-‘Abru  in Terre de Bleu City, Minnesota — ERS]

Bismallah al-Akbar

THE Modern age is over.  This statement is the basis of all (more…)

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by Emmett R Smith

THE Following ‘link’ should supply especially to the UK, or non-specialist, reader a rather helpful definition, by a profound scholar; of the term and concept of Federal American as a language distinct from other forms of English; and, of American as spoken and written in the pre-1861 period; and, of its role as the foundation of the Lakese dialect of north-eastern Blue Earth county, in south-central Minnesota:


[Emmett R Smith    all rights reserved     27 April 2007]

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by Old Uncle Crow

[‘Old Uncle Crow’ is a talented and anglo-american, sagacious, regional writer of salience and insight; and, his is a sharply edged wit — BW]

UK Readers of Old Uncle Crow will enjoy learning that Lakese is a bona fide Minnesota dialect, although now in recession.

HOWEVER, It is a southern Minnesota form; and, its provenance is thus akin (more…)

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by Nejmi MuHammed

IN View of si Smit’s, er, Smeeth’s preceding spoof on some of the failures of popular psychology, it is interesting to note (more…)

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by Emmett Smith

I Am an (more…)

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