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Book Review by Emmett R Smith

AT Outset, I will acknowledge that to review in a history-oriented project such as Bodwyn Wook a book on psychology may seem anomalous.
     But that circumstance be but another specimen merely, of the enviable freedom really of (more…)


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by MuHammad Nejmi

IT Is tough to perceive that as often as not there is more going on than meets the eye.

THE Following link gives you opportunity to hear and meditate on a rational argument about decision-making in the face of an apparent pattern of global average temperature-increases.  When you have (more…)

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Letter From Minnesota:

‘At Mid-Summer’s Day’

by Bodwyn Wook

A Coolish lovely southern Minnesota day is wending to its close, here on the North Coast of Iowa.  It has been variously cloudy and thundery, and sometimes the rain has poured down — whereas on the wireless they say that there have been out-and-out severe storm (more…)

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by Emmett R Smith

[THE Following by me first appeared in slightly abbreviated form in May, in a UK weblog — ERS]  

BY ‘Multi-culturalism’ what we are discussing, of course, is state-liberalist and hyper-credentiallised, subsidised, policy multi-culturalism.

POLICY Multi-culturalism is a very-late-modern political creature spawned of the ephemeral literature of a certain range of academic- and public-opinion.  It is flawed in that only incidentally does it reflect popular opinion and public mood, and when reproved for this flaw its formulators speak of their (sic)  ‘leadership-role’ in society, of ‘moving forward’ and ‘progress’ and, otherwise, give ample proof in cant and incantation of shibboleth that they — politicians and policy-makers and civil-servants — one-and-all have succumbed to the power-temptation and are carried away by millenial self-congratulation.

HOWEVER, Be it in the nature of social man ever to seek to get over on the others, equally social man resents these pretensions directed as against himself and especially when these are described in lies about  ‘for his own good’ and ‘the hygiene of our streets’.  It is one thing to be the SD-man and einsatzgruppenfuehrer and a far different matter to be the gypsy or mujik in the pit, whereas all I may say about any of that is to be ware! of the notorious (more…)

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by Nasheem Boofamat

[PLEASE Note that if you are by the luck of the draw and direction of your life-story a rationalist and agnostic or atheist, then you may  enjoy very much the sincerely ethical & reasonable sagacities of Mr Barefoot Bum at:  http://barefootbum.blogspot.com/ — BW]

THE Anthropic cosmological ideas of physicist John Barrow and company open yet another door of possibility (more…)

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by Bodwyn Wook

ALL Mankato History This Month broadcasts since the Fall of 2003 are now archived online, at kmsu.org — click on archives.

MANKATO History This Month is a different sort of regional-history program because of the unique interpretative basis of presenter and producer, Emmett R Smith.

FOR Amateur historian Smith, the modern age IS over and we now are dwelling in the midst of postmodernity.


“The concept of the ‘postmodern’ started out as a gag (more…)

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by A Dervish

UNFORTUNATELY For sensualists anyhow, ‘reality’ is not confined (more…)

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