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[30 September 2007

[I am reposting the following now — it first appeared in Bodwyn Wook 0n 19 March 2006 — because of a recent comment which you may read at the end, together with my response — MN]


by MuHammad Nejmi

ON Your dying day and in that

everlasting minute breath out slowly, and

with an open mouth, your

last breath, and

this shall be so, for:

YOU Are (more…)

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Prime Time

21 September 2007

Squawbunion County Ram & Terre de Bleu City Daily Clyster,
1313 Septicaemia Street,

TO The Editor:

THE Delightful photograph of Mr O J Simpson smirking in your pages like an old but fit chimpanzee, in the style of Mr (more…)

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by Bodwyn Wook

PROTAGONISTS Of realistic diplomacy (although not neo-conservative overwrought romantics or state-liberalist idealists) will agree that US withdrawal from Iraq may not be necessarily any more of an immediate (more…)

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by Bodwyn Wook, Retired Vice-Constable & CC, Interplanetary Filth-Abatement Desk

HIS Excellency, Unspiek, The Baron Bodissey has forwarded to us the following ‘link’.  What is doleful about it is not as much the unwholesome content. 
     It is the regrettable fact that a broad mass of an unwashed and unregenerate populace — people positively meant by nature & ‘God’ to be on their scabby little knees in some fundamentalist wailing-temple or other — share now with their hypercredentiallised self-styled ‘betters’ (more…)

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Old Whine

by Emmett R Smith

INTERESTINGLY, Mrs Bill Clinton last week in a nearly-flawless manner revealed a projected healthcare plan that bids fair to be (more…)

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New Bottles?

by Bodwyn Wook

THE Following ‘link’ is to an article by Michael Lind, in openDemocracy.  In it he points out that both progressive internationalists and kissingeresque diplomacy-realists at present unite in criticising the overheated neo-conservative day-dream (more…)

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19 September 2007

DEAR Kaylie, hello to you & Tasso: 

THERE Is too God-damned much to keep track of these days; and, so, I am writing now to you all  to make a record of this musical item.  You know I think that I do not now have the regard for the pipe-organ that I did as a young man.  Nowadays, they seem to me to be too much, too big, too loud and, well, just a bit sinister, if you know what I mean.  Rather too much like the castle in the Gormenghast-trilogy by Peake, altogether.  They are positively obnoxious, mainly; and, better, had ought to have been invented only at about the same time as the saxophone, only by an American boiler-engineer.  That is what they are like!  You may be surprised, therefore, when I say that I listened this afternoon, on KGAC-FM radio, with actual pleasure to a recording of the ‘Prince of Denmark’s March’, with some Norwegian ruffian called Rolf Smedvig or Langsjoen or Kaupang or whatever, hauling away at the valves and gas-levers on the organ; and, a trumpet-soloist named Michael Murray, fighting him off.  It was enjoyable to hear, and I expect it was the plangent sweetnesses of Mr Murray that quite saved the day and soared us all safely over the deep prostatic groanings (and preposterously saturnine thuds!) of the unduly-scandinavian Smedvig.  He perhaps had ought to have met & wed Miss Elaine Kmetz, back in 1973 anent; it should have settled him down a bit, I think, Bodwyn Wook!

(MISS Elaine Kmetz was an arts-major at MCAD in Minneapolis in the late 1960s and has not been seen since, although in sixth grade in 1961 I did specialise in the drawing of horses, for her!  Kaylie Sauer is an accomplished performer on the zither and has appeared with the Mankato Pops and at that fool country-and-western music-town in Missouri, the name of which escapes me just now and which is supposed to rival Nashville.  But, gladly enough, I may report that Tasso is not entirely a fool as he does enjoy the writings of Mr Jack Vance! — BW)

[Emmett R Smith     all rights reserved     19 September 2007]

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by Emmett R Smith

TO All, here’s a ‘counter-intuitive’ reading on Somalia AND the idea that we ‘of course’ ‘need’ government (preferably an over-sized and expensive, professional one, with LOTS of (more…)

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