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15 October 2007

Terre de Bleu Sump & Augur,
1313-1/2 South 2nd St,
Blue Clay City,

Dear Editor Schluckbebier, this is just a personal note, when I plunked for columnist Dionne it wasn’t to imply I’m some Big Liberal or (more…)

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by Henri Luc

[This is a further short excerpt from an interview with the beloved late-gaean amateur historian & legendary oldtime history-broadcaster, Emmett R Smith, of the hallowed Lincoln Park district in Old Mankato in Minnesota, on the North Coast of Iowa in Old Earth.  He lived in the last years of humanity’s confinement to Old (more…)

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by Bodwyn Wook

A Dervish spin on the freemasonry is that it was a specific operation brought in for particular reasons [undertaken in the early-modern age and to maintain the new-born Renascence civilisation’s link against its eventual end, with a certain prior body of mediaeval alchemical psychology — Mahound Nedgem]; and, which now persists (more…)

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