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by Emmett R Smith

A good deal of irrelevant dust has been kicked up about the fact that Senator McCain doesn’t know (more…)


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by Nadgime Mohammet 

[Since the goal of imagination and alchemy is a bigger world of possibility in which all phenomena can coexist, even the dream of total annihilation taken together with absolute eternal life, the relation between lies (both to cause and to deny holocausts), naive fantasy (or else wholesale denial of absolute evil) and magic (reconciliation of the good) needs to be clearly understood — MH] 

At this time most human beings are torn between whatever may be their personal notions of good and evil.  
     Generally these are inculcated by whatever may (more…)

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by Emmett Smith

I Am three in my fourth year and at night the once-upon-a-time gaslit streetlights of St Anthony Park glow on their green painted iron posts through the net curtains in my Irish step-grandmother’s parlor, in the old house (more…)

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by Hameed Nedjam

“All serve” is like saying “all are Muslim…whether they know it or not.” 
     Naturally most do not, at least not yet. 
     Still, it will probably be a matter of some irritation to those who now think of themselves as “the good Muslims,” when there is a sudden rush of these (more…)

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by Najmi Mahammad

Free will is something it is important morally for human beings to act as though they have.

This is even more important to the direct extent that actual choice as a rule is severely constrained, even often nonexistent.

The goal of power in any case is popularly conceived as being (more…)

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by ‘abd al-Ghoosh

The image of the Sufi serves most of all as a kind of bait. 

Real Sufis set it out for instructional purposes because it draws the attention, the greed and craving for excitement of the selfstyled (more…)

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by A Dervish

The late Idries Shah (pbuh), in Neglected Aspects of Sufi Study (London, 1977), stated that Sufis contend there is all the difference in the world between your ambition commanding you, and you commanding it.  This is (more…)

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