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by Emmett R Smith

Today, the Friday after Thanksgiving, a mob of (more…)


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by Wayness Tamm-Clattuc

Since many of those not reconciled to the Obama election win are now having so much fun projecting their personal fantasies of (more…)

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Independence Day

by Emmett Smith

In 1977 Mayor Mary Anderson of Kinney. MN, sent this message to the state:
“BE IT RESOLVED that the City Council of the City of Kinney, in Kinney, Minnesota, has decided to (more…)

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by Bodwyn Wook

‘ I Have Told You All Before…’ (more…)

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The Shadow At Play


by Wayness Tamm-Clattuc

[Dr Tamm-Clattuc is a retired jungian analyst now at home in western Wisconsin and “free to say what I think!” — BW]

A successful politician as much as any other human being has a shadow problem.  The shadow in the fullest sense is simply everything (more…)

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by ‘abd al-‘Abru

Any who have any knowledge whatsoever of the Science of (more…)

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Try, Try Again!

by Judson Andersen

You absolutely could not make up this kind of crap!

In 1990 the God-damn government grabbed the Mustang Ranch whorehouse in Nevada on account of (more…)

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