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by Emmett Smith


The American Airways airliner picture above is from:  http://www.centennialofflight.gov/

Below, from YouTube archives, is a glorious piece of early 1930s corporate propaganda by American Airways, the predecessor of American Airlines: 


This film was made before the advent of the DC-3 airliner and when the main passenger plane of AA was still the Curtiss (more…)

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by Emmett Smith


More pictures like this can be found at  www.cbu.edu/~mcondren/UP-844/UP-844%20048-700.jpg

Skip Weythman (who in fact did NOT take the above picture!) is a video photographer who chases and films steam trains like some people hound down the highway after tornadoes!  Below are as many of his clips from YouTube, of live footage of Union Pacific Northern steam locomotive #844 as I could round up into (more…)

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by Emmett R Smith


England’s LNER Mallard Locomotive Going To Beat Hell…Even At Rest!  Learn More At…  http://www.nrm.org.uk/collections/loco/mallard.asp

These are the five parts of the old Learning Channel “EXTREME MACHINES” – “WHEELS of STEEL” show.

“WHEELS of STEEL” 1/5, includes film showing England’s LNER  Mallard locomotive underway while setting the unbroken (more…)

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by Emmett Smith


This an expanded selection of moving picture and still footage available on YouTube, of the Union Pacific RR Big Boy (more…)

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by Emmett Smith

Here follow a number of clips from YouTube that show something of the evolution of commercial and military “flying boats” in the 1920s and 1930s.  I think you can probably tell that I am most taken by the Iris and the later Martin M-130 China Clipper — they both have that swell “early days” look that lets you know just how up-to-date they really were:

 I feel that the Blackburn Iris flying boat is beautiful, period.


This first link is to the first flight of the Iris, 19 June 1926 (the video starts slow, but there is some nice flight footage):


Next is the Short S17 Kent, which has an enclosed (more…)

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by Bodwyn Wook



Here is a good old British film about the 1948-9 Berlin airlift, complete with Sunderlands (more…)

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by Emmett R Smith

In the “Golden Age of Steam” videos linked below, I got wind of a reference to a one-of-a-kind 4-4-4-4 “duplex” locomotive built in the 1930s for the Baltimore & Ohio RR.  Naturally, I had to go googling around…




…here it is!  Notice the opposed cylinders at opposite ends of the boiler.  I located the above pictures at (more…)

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by Emmett Smith



Here! are a flock of links to YouTube video footage of the MiG-15 and F-86 Korean War jet fighters.  The first is to this film made by the Red Brothers to ballyho their own plane: 


Next is a short history of (more…)

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by Emmett Smith

“The Golden Age of Steam Trains,” compiled on YouTube by KH990j, needs no introduction.  It is railroading history in North America on the grand scale, with a bow to English steam, and so…all aboard! 

part 1:


part 2:


(Parts 3 & 4 show a Big Boy locomotive being rebuilt — a huge job!)

part 3:


(Part 4 also includes (more…)

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by Bodwyn Wook


The picture of a retired Roadmaster is from:  http://www.theredlondonbus.com/

And, here is a charming videogramme, from the Internet Archive:

It is a product, from 1950, of the British Colonial Film Unit; and, ’twas directed to the viewing attention of Dominion and Empire non-white visitors, to England:  the goal being socialisation, specifically to the norms of lower-middleclass public life and behaviour.  And, for a wonder, the visual document does not reek with (more…)

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