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by Bodwyn Wook

“[Obama’s is] the most extreme Wall Street administration we have ever had.”  (Webster G Tarpley)

The following videogramme, featuring historian and policy critic Webster G Tarpley, is  flossy, slick, well crafted and edited:


Caveat auditores!

Therefore, more can be read by, and about, Webster G Tarpley, at these links:



There is a breathless produced quality about the footage that attests a certain manipulativeness, on the part of the producers.  It is an undertone of rah-rah conspiratorial excitement.  This, alas, is not conducive to understanding our true situation.  Before going farther, it would be well had all reading now first of all read Emphyrio, by Mr Jack Vance — much thereby would be clear and need no elaboration, here:

Any ‘elite’ either as a human matter or some other, exciting, post-modern affair has its own blinkered stupidities, and one had ought not to either divinize or (more…)

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by Bodwyn Wook

Gov’t Wrecks “Dr. Do-Good’s” Low-Cost Health Care Plan

[The following article is from the Libertarian Party’s online journal, at:  liberator@theadvocates.org  ]

Build a better mousetrap, the government will beat a path to your door…and shut it down!

That’s what happened to Dr. John Muney, a former surgeon who runs the AMG Medical Group clinics in New York’s five boroughs.
Dr. Muney wanted to help patients who lacked health insurance receive medical care.
So, last year, he came up with an innovative market solution. For just $79 a month, his clinics would offer patients unlimited office visits (with a $10 copay), common tests including bloodworm, sonogram, x-ray as needed, physical therapy visits, and even in-office surgeries. Not included was treatment requiring hospitalization or specialized care.
This innovative, affordable plan led the New York Post to label Dr. Muney “Dr. Do-Good.”
However, the New York state government has stopped (more…)

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(‘ ilm al-Wuzhud al-Kutub, tr:  the Science of Book Covers — NM)

by Bodwyn Wook


A bad character…or, perhaps, none at all?

The universal affliction of dyed hair among the postcontemporary white males (not men) now engaged in the stylish pasttime of North Atlantic governance gives (more…)

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by Emmett “Paul Harvey, RIP” Smith

In research lies the test of oral memory!
     In a recent posting, “Fun With Google Satellite Maps: See For Yourself Where It All Happened In Bodwyn Wook!” I give my account from memory of the story as I recall it from childhood, of the plane crash described below.  I use the Google maps format as a starting point — and yet look at what errors stand in memory, as to dates and time!  I quite thought (until just an hour ago!) that the dreadful air crash I allude happened after my best friend, Mark Bergquist, had moved with his family to Omaha in our third grade year, in January of 1958, and NOT a year and half before.  And that is only the beginning of how unreliable memory is….


The displayed photo does have a copyright with the Mpls Star and Tribune.  Before the 1960s, numbers and arrows were sometimes added to photos to help explain what happened. Here’s the original caption from this Minneapolis Star photo:   “Jet plane struck the ground (1), bounced and struck again (2), then crashed into house (3). “

     So uncertain is the individual memory, indeed, that today I registered as a member with them and lifted the picture and text used by me here, from the ww2aircraft website:


THE Whole story of the 1956 (NOT 1958) air crashes (!) in South Minneapolis is available at:


And so, now, here is “the rest of the story!”

Military Jet Crashes in 1956 in Minneapolis


[introduction by original poster, at ww2aircraft website — ERS:]

I found this interesting news story from 1956. The international airport serving the Minneaplis/Saint Paul area has always co hosted a joint Navy/AF reserve base.

The following link tells the story on June 9 1956, an F89 Scorpion with live ordinance crashed on takeoff slaming into a car and killing two people.

Amazingly, four days later, an F9F crashed on takeoff and killed a dozen people.


Note – click on this weblink to read the blogs of some people who were little kids when it happened and witnessed it.

Saturday, June 9, 1956


 On Tuesday, June 5, 1956, an Air Force F89 Scorpion fighter jet carrying 104 live rockets crashed (more…)

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by Emmett R Smith

Here is an earlier article in which I described an Air Force fighter crash in my neighborhood in South Minneapolis, when I was nine or so.  As I recall, it was in 1958:


Now go to Google maps:


Or, better in order to just cut and paste the following Minneapolis address, open a second tab and then bring up Google maps.  One way or the other when you bring up the main screen showing North America, in the search box type in, or cut and paste this address:

5830-46th Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

When you click and bring up the map, next click on the “satellite” button and zoom in a bit on the balloon marking 5830-46th Av S.  It is (usually!!??!) the seventh house down from the North, on the West side of the street.  It is approximately at the fourth of four oddly larger, rectangular and incongruously crowded 1960 vintage hip-roofed ranch houses, built amid the dinkier postwar Levittown Cap Cod bungalows.  These are (more…)

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by A Dervish

The following link should help to explain the science of vortices (‘ilm al-durdurat) at stake in the case of Mankato, Minnesota, and their bad effect on the unstable and immature personalities there.  As horrid as it is, Mankato is NOT an anomaly nor is it the only “repulsive hole” on this earth where absolutely anything that can, will go badly:


[Nejmi Mohammed     /all rights reserved/      19 March 2009]

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by Sawyer Martin

Any so-called Indian fantasy must just be that, of a bottomless gulf or void beneath the very basin of the muddy Minnesota, above Old Mankato rotting in its downstream postmodern stupor.  And, furthermore, the claim that (more…)

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by Emmett Smith

First the bad news, the immortal narrator of our true American moral condition, the inimitable creator of Captain Pissgums and Ruby The Dyke, Pirate Queen, the Pulitzer-worthy author of “Lester Gass, Midnight Misogynist,” S Clay Wilson was reported to be either mugged or run down in a serious hit-and-run accident in San Francisco, in November of last year.  This link gives more of the lowdown on the situation of the early collaborator with R Crumb, in the production of Zap Comix…


and there’s an address for donations to help out with the medical bills.


Next follow eleven YouTube links to the Alternative Comic Artists Panel Discussion — including Wilson as well as Reed Waller and Kate Worley — on November 4, 2006, during its third stop in Mipple city (Minneapolis), MN, with (more…)

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by Judson Andersen

No doubt the dirty bastards will just make it impossible for the little shit to ever have a bank account of her own, but anyway the essay below is from Strike The Root, at:


How I Said No to the Automatic Social Security Number

by Scarmig

This is the story of how I successfully refused to accept a Social Security Number for (more…)

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by Emmett R Smith

The namby-pamby anxieties of our Baby Boom and no-good, 1946-64 non-productive, professionalistic self-styled “elite” is revealed in the following (more…)

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