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[The text in full of the following is reposted here in aid of information redundancy.

[It is important because Sean Gabb deals as a libertarian thinker with the thorny problem of our species’ social behaviour.  This is crucial because these essentially instinctive reactions manifest in our mammalian politics.  Usually this happens uncritically and automatically.  Personally, I consider the incessant biological drive constantly to try to get over on everybody else in the environment to be the biggest ass pain we suffer, both as creatures and free men and women.  Any information that will help us firstly to be free of our own un-examined “bullshit,” as we say here in southern Minnesota, and other impulses so that we can simply leave each other in peace, is greatly to be valued.  Especially sinister and dishonest is the projection of a spurious benevolence onto my programmatic impulses to mess with you!  Emotionally, I personally am a liberal and do want to be of help to neighbors and friends, but sorting out the nasty hidden power drive in it all IS the first order of business, always — Bodwyn Wook, Wook’s Farm, The Hammerhead Road, DEHORN TWP, Old Squawbunion County, Minnesota]
Free Life Commentary, A Personal View from
The Director of the Libertarian Alliance

Issue Number 183

28th May 2009

Linking url:  http://www.seangabb.co.uk/flcomm/flc183.htm

What is the Ruling Class?

By Sean Gabb

A Paper Given on Sunday the 24th May 2009
to the Fourth Annual Conference
of the Property and Freedom Society
in the Hotel Karia Princess in Bodrum, Turkey

053109 Sean Gabb

In giving this paper, I make no pretence to originality of thought. Everything I am saying today has been said already – usually better, and always in greater detail – by Hans-Hermann Hoppe, by Roderick Long, by Kevin Carson, by Christian Michel, and by many others. If I can contribute anything to the libertarian analysis of class, it is brevity alone.

Libertarians often define a ruling class as that group of politicians, bureaucrats, lawyers, businessmen, therapists, educators and media people who derive income and position from the State. By definition, so far as such people operate as members of a ruling class, they are parasitic (more…)


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First Things First

by Bodwyn Wook

041608 a Viole Falusche relaxing in the Navarth houseboat

An English blogeur to-day was condemnatory of the public funding of election campaigns:


I Concur.
     Even LPUSA has wobbled badly on this one, public funding of election campaigns is simply not right, and in fact it is (more…)

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by Bodwyn Wook

082708 our man in Waseca

[The context is an on-going discussion on-line, of the fact certain classes of railway worker in England may be made redundant by allegedly safe new technologies, thus eliminating the need even for train drivers — BW]

OLD Reagen here fired the airline controllers who thought themselves “indispensabler than Christ” and struck the government in 1981, and hired a load of new ones.  I think these bravos all must be frowsting it to-day as (more…)

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Of ‘Placebo Effects’ & Other Forms of Self-Deception

by Bodwyn Wook

082708 our man in Waseca

SOMEONE Referred to the ‘placebo effect’ in one of the English web logs this last week, with reference to the efficacy of some chiropractic method or other not congruent with some other commentors’ personal intellectual orientations and modes of perception.
    Seriously, ‘placebo effect’ is, well, pretty null (more…)

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The Leftwing Manipulation Of Racism

by “Emmett R Smith”

082708 our man in Waseca

[THE Little card actually came up with something not half-bad, this time….  BW]

The modus operandi of state liberalism in connection with political parties is real enough.  It is to use fringe parties such as the racially exclusive British National Party (BNP) in England (not “Britain”) as a sort of icon of (more…)

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We Will First Need a Full-Fledged Moral Science

by Bodwyn Wook

082708 our man in Waseca

IN Any durable libertarian set-up, we damn sure will need either a limited franchise, for a number of generations anyhow; or else, per Mr LUC at Libertarian Underclass, a damned well-written and AIR-TIGHT constitution.  It will be firstly in order to control strictly & to allow  this ‘universal’ ‘right’ to vote plaything loose only (more…)

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There Is No Such Place As “Safe”

by Samuel Manoah Adams

052209 Sam Adams

In Scotland recently a military security cop & putz dropped a mobile phone or some other postmodern gizmo stuffed full of top secret information (and, no doubt, hot YouSmut links!)  Naturally, statists & halfwits of all parties now are rolling in their own piss in ecstasies of fright — and plus the lunatic excitement of maybe putting into “law” more restrictions on the internet, pocket phones, whatever.  These geese, like Jemina Puddleduck, ARE simpletons:


This is a great example of the fact that there is NO final (more…)

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