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by Bodwyn Wook

082708 our man in Waseca

ENGLISH (Not ‘British’) Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s recent call for an ‘independent regulatory body’ of the Parliament is another faeculent load of this continuously overwrought ‘governance’ phantasy, of an aetiolated stringy complexity, complexity everywhere and all around, and not a drop of honesty anywhere.
     In England unlike with us here in our WalMart sewer, where we are (more…)


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by cchanoo6

052908 UP 3985 colour


#3985 is freshly shopped & real nice & shiny, in this YouTube footage from last Fall:


[Bodwyn Wook     all text-rights reserved     29 May 2009]

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One  Of The Antagonists?

by Bodwyn Wook

052607 Baltimore Oriole male hoarding orange half and planning fight with any interlopers


As I noted two days since, ’twas a lovely Sunday spent here yard-farming (gardening).  Hay-baling this week, after she dries a bit.  It ain’t exactly raining but is damp & cool, not the best for a good dry-down….  But on Sunday evening after thinning various pot herb plantings to a fare thee well and watering it all down to beat Hell after, I sat in the garden in the long evening light and read about la Hogue.  Heartwarming stuff…and, then, two gaudy Baltimore Oriole buckos started (more…)

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An Aerial Duel Between Kings

by Anglo-American Farmer Bodwyn Wook

051709 picture in fog by Doug Ohman

I put up this question earlier on some of the English blogs:

Is it even possible, to-day, for the sovereign, to convey displeasureand, precipitate a general election — by reversing previous assent in Privy Council to all bills laid in this session, in effect vetoing not only said bills but the Parliament?

Some guy fussed about the lapidary wookean prosody; but, The Landed Underclass answered:

BW: not that I’m aware of. Were such a thing to occur, I suspect that there would be a Commission (more…)

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by Bodwyn Wook

PRAY Why may not — if indeed, really,’tis not allowed — The Queen withdraw Her prior assent in Privy Council to bills laid in this session; and, thereby in vetoing these refuse also this Parliament:  and, thus, precipitate the much-needed General Election now, in England?

051609 HRH Eliz II Regina

ONE Supposes that of course it will be replied that the ‘present’ state of the English constitution does not avail sovereignty the ‘meddling’ prerogative any more, at least not in this respect.

BE That as it may, an old wookean phrase for now, aha! I have you, then our argument for blissful elementary fluidity, and a corpus somewhat discrete, rather than an laborious and over-written, single, document in that lamentable American style, of the English Liberty is, thus, confirmed:

AN Evolving constitution is, precisely, that; and, so, if (more…)

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by Samuel Manoah Adams

052209 Sam Adams

Here is a lovely writeup by Anna Raccoon on the French national healthcare system: 


You know “the French,” those folks these uncultured NeoCons love to hate?  Well, now you know why, the French national healthcare systems WORKS.  It seems to work, too, neither with “rationing” nor “delay.”  Those last two boogeymen of the (un!) (more…)

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Ninety-Seven Percent

by Bodwyn Wook

082708 our man in Waseca

OGRE Dukla-Praha is the nom de guerre of an anarchist living in the Twin Cities, in Minnesota.  We fell into coversation during a Hands Off Lenny Bruce – Wm S Burroughs “Because NOTHING Has Changed!” Rally.   As a libertarian, I asked Dukla-Praha what was his analysis, as an anarch, of the phenomenon of government?

OGRE Dukla-Praha:  “There are two ’causes’ of government, two things people are afraid of.  There’s the fear of The Crazy With (more…)

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