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The Wook In June

Herewith Some Irreplaceable (and Irrefutable) Mid-Summer Choice Insights & Scintillations at the Turning of the Year

by Bodwyn Wook

3 June 2009

“You Know…Maybe the God-Damned Fools Should Stay To Home!”

(Bodwyn Wook, writing asEmmett R Smith“)

[The following was composed for the on-line pp of Bodwyn Wook by Mr Smith in the wake of an internet short-lived furore, over the execution by decapitation of yet another foreign hostage by some third world gang or other, of pseudo-Mahometan criminals — ed]

From time to time, people in Libertarian circles as well as “mainstream” [dim & dull-normal, ie — ed] politics make the mistake of getting too worked up about the occasional police problem caused by certain Semites and some of (more…)

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by Emmett R Smith

Here is a link with an intriguing reference to electronic control of valves in steam engines that seems to (more…)

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Even Stronger Yet!

by Emmett Smith

The quest to identify the American steam locomotive with specifically the most tractive power bids fair to be, well, mainly sort of unending.  Here is tonight’s find from the pp of steamlocomotive.com

062509 Virginian RR 2-10-10-2

Virginian Railroad 1918 2-10-10-2 Mallet engine w/compound & simple expansion 


Tractive effort:  147,200 lbs (compound), 176,600 lbs (simple)

The 48″ low pressure cylinders were (more…)

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The Beneficial Story of Caning

by Bodwyn Wook


This videogramme explains convincingly the hair raising decline of post-modern England [Britain — ed] — and, the reason why:


Rule (more…)

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revised by Bodwyn Wook

(And a big tip of the Wook tile to Gerry O! — ed)

One day while a class was in the lab, a college chemistry professor noticed one young man, an exchange student, who kept (more…)

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by Emmett Smith

061709 GNR 4-6-2 at Benson, MN

This picture from the Great Northern Railroad website at gngoat.org reminds me that when I was a little boy it was always Winter in Minnesota for some reason.  And, the railroad tracks showing through a fresh snowfall as shown here were, to me, the most mysterious things…these flimsy traces in the snow carried those huge trains.  And, they went all over, even under the Atlantic all the way back to England as I could see for myself, in my Rowland Emett book about Nellie, the locomotive.  Here in Minnesota for some reason it didn’t stop being Winter until I spent my first Summer on my grandfather’s farm outside of Eagle Lake, Minnesota, in 1956.  Until then, however, the World was (more…)

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by Samuel Manoah Adams

052209 Sam Adams

It is easy to pillory them as “leftists,” but these types at truthdig.com (see below) — especially Mr Chris Hedges! — do have a certain chilly panache, when it comes to ramming a useless and objectively God-damned, historically non-achieving,  1946-64 “Baby Boom” generation’s professionalistic face right smack dab in to the shit!

For Libertarians and persons actually loyal to the US Constitution, the question does become more pointed, everyday:

When these fools and DC-town halfwits do dry up and blow away, and when the rest of us skunks ARE dead & kicking up ashes during a richly deserved sojourn in Hell, will our children and grandchildren will be able to keep the “federal personality” away for good and all and resume running their country for themselves?

The following is reprinted here simply as a matter of common information redundancy, and all rights belong to the holders and not the proprietorship or syndics of Bodwyn Wook:


Chris Hedges’ Columns

The American Empire Is Bankrupt

June 14, 2009

by Chris Hedges

This week marks the end of the dollar’s reign as the world’s reserve currency. It marks the start of (more…)

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How They Work:  Steam Locomotive Operation & Technology

by Emmett R Smith

(The following collation mainly of Wikipedia links is to provide a sort of one-stop source of basic technical information, for (more…)

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Bill Ayres’ PRR Crestline Roundhouse Website

by Emmett Smith

Here is the link to Bill Ayres’ chronicle of the Pennsylvania Railroad engine facilities at Crestline, OH:

061409 PRR Crestline Roundhouse 13 July 1947


Especially fine are the vintage Henry C Burkhart photos of daily work and life at Crestline.  Also, Ayres has posted some remarkable pictures of the PRR “Big Steam,” (more…)

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by Emmett Smith

This link is to Freeman Hubbard’s 1945 lexicon, with contributions by Allen & Smoter:


It is especially interesting coming as it does at the end of the last steam age.

[Bodwyn Wook     all text-rights reserved     12 June 2009]

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