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041508 Bodwyn Wook avatar[TO-Day’s posting is lifted in its entirety from this week’s issue of Liberator Online, because of the important nature of the report.  Other news and commentary from the viewpoint of liberty, and more information on the the Libertarian Party, may be read, at:


[ — BW]

Good News,
Bad News,
Unbelievable News

by James W. Harris

National IDThe Battle Begins… Again 

Last year REAL ID — the Bush administration’s plan to turn state driver’s licenses into a national ID card — was stopped by a heroic grassroots effort. Ultimately, an amazing 23 states enacted anti-REAL ID bills or resolutions, driving a stake into the heart of that monstrous proposal.
But a national ID is just too terrible an idea not to appeal to power-hungry government officials, whatever their party.
And so the fight is on again. REAL ID is back, under (more…)

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Chesapeake & Ohio Allegheny 2-6-6-6 1618

by Emmett Smith

011809 C and O Allegheny - 2

                    [RRPictureArchives.NET     copyright     Eric Larson]

This is such a mighty picture of the Allegheny steam locomotive at (more…)

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Baling Hay

Baling Hay

by Emmett Smith

THE Redwinged Summer blackbirds sweep low over our July hay wagon half piled up now in Blue Earth County over halfway through the year,
and the midafternoon curses, itch and sweat bring thought to me,
of black December so soon on us now,
and the red and yellow blaze in my black iron kitchen woodrange,
snug and dark and warm in there at night in Winter where the baby Jesus weeps,
then sleeps.

071209 redwing blackbird perched a

[Emmett R Smith     all text-rights reserved & all other rights revert to holders     12 July 2009]

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“Even Your Collective Mental Hygiene Is Impacted Eleven Times Over!”

by Hamid al-Midelti

122808 1910 T d B City panorama c

[Mr al-Midelti is a Moroccan communal sanitarian and graduate student in Mental Health & Social Hygiene Studies, in the Department of Public Liberalism of the Exxon-Mobil New School For Mandated Social Transformation, at the Minnesota State Teachers College & University (MSTC & U) at Terre de Bleu City.  His focus is psychic epidemic with especial reference to the “trigger-effect” of “constellations of vendetta-conflict” in local folklore.  It is a phenomenon, Mr al-Midelti says, that must be understood urgently, as in his native Morocco today there are similar happenings to those described below.  These often feed the periodic outbreaks of religious terrorism in the Muslim world, claims Mr al-Midelti, and his goal as a professional public psychic hygienist is to find a remedy.  “Whether this may come down to mass sedation of the drinking water, or special discharges of aerosols by airplane regularly, I cannot say as yet.  Alors…your Terre de Bleu City pathological situation offers a wonderful living laboratory to (more…)

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by Emmett Smith

071009 gangway

The Watercress Line official website…


…has some very good, very detailed and illustrated sections on actual steam locomotive boiler operation and maintenance:


These pictures are worth the many words that go with them:


This English heritage steam railway line, in Hants, is operated by volunteers to enable steam engines to haul trains on the long, steep gradients of the Hampshire countryside.

And, as a comprehensive and detailed source of technical detail in one site, it is among the best “how to” ones I’ve found yet!

[Bodwyn Wook     all text-rights reserved & all other rights revert to holders     10 July 2009]

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Among the Dangers to Historianship:  Getting the Wrong Phantasy

by Bodwyn, Sirdar Wook, ‘abd al-‘Abru

041508 Bodwyn WookPERSPECTIVE Is a function of time.
     In the long beat of western History, it is clear from the repeated cycles of conflict and trade, not least in ideas, that indeed muslims with their unitarian view like ourselves, in the rest of the West (pace Baroness Thatcher), are born horizon seekers.  Islam, like Christianity less completely before it, both anticipates our contemporary science and alludes to yet further vistas.
     Thus, the re-newed warfare between us is (more…)

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Voices From The Past:   PRR Engineman Preserved Wook

by Joseph Curwen

070609 PRR Engineman Preserved Wook

“‘Global Warming’ you say?  And the government in on it too?  Well, goodness gracious, count me in, where do I sign up for mine?  What’s that…NOT to burn coal you say?  How’s that again, but just how ever in Tophet do you propose getting to get to the warm part without some fires…lots of fires?  Burning coal’s ‘bad’ you say?  Why no, it’s good, real good, I can tell you that alright, when you’re rolling westbound out of Crestline and making ninety miles per across Indiana.  Out west there where it’s flatter than (more…)

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by Bodwyn Wook

My ninety-one-years’ old farm neighbour, Mr Judson Andersen, who was in the Army in WW II, is scathing about “homefront heroes,” bogus “4-Fs” and “ALL the lying sonsofbitches and tailchasers who cashed in selling each other stolen tires and gas stickers!”  He says “if the dumb bastards’d really known they were (more…)

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by Emmett Smith

070409 4004 under full steam making the grade on Sherman Hill trainweb.org -- 17

UNION Pacific RR Traindriver Magly Wook:  “Al…Gore?  Nope, never heard of him.  Guess you got me on that one, son…I don’t believe I’d know the sonofabitch FROM A CROW IN Hell!”

[Bodwyn Wook     all text-rights reserved     5 July 2009]

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June Bug Notes

Down On The Farm At the Turning Of The Year

by Anglo-American Farmer Bodwyn Wook

OUR June bugs are mainly May beetles and done for by early June.  Otherwise, here are the odd lines of bucolic insight & BS that didn’t get posted here quite until now….

20 May 2009

Farmer Exercises

by Bodwyn “Spinach Breath” Wook

051709 picture in fog by Doug Ohman

[This was going to be a “brag” piece about all the pull-ups I can do and plus I’m sixty years old, nanner, nanner…but, there is “no use in pissing off people just for the Hell of it,” as Judson Andersen or Nejmi Mohammed, or somebody, used to say…and besides which I LOST the God-damn draught!  BW]

31 May 2009

Dirty sonofabitch!  Got nailed by my first (more…)

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