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by Bodwyn Wook

The International Steam Pages lean to the touring side of things and so give a comprehensive picture to-day, of steam railroading all round this funny old post-modern World:


[Bodwyn Wook     all text-rights reserved     30 August 2009]


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“The Most Detailed Steam Locomotive Diagram I’ve Found Yet!”

by Emmett R Smith

I am just now reading for the first time — and with great enjoyment! — Alfred W Bruce’s 1952 book, The Steam Locomotive In AmericaIt’s Development in the Twentieth Century, W W Norton & Company (1952).  Needless to say, as a neophyte railfan I am puzzled — and intrigued — by the technical vocabulary. What has really gotten my goat is trying to understand the distinctions between, for example, rigid outside-bearing and radial inside-bearing trailer (more…)

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compiled by Emmett R Smith

[Mr Smith swears on a stack of Bibles and the Holy Quran AND the beard of his grandfather’s goat that he WILL tidy up the draught-text infra if & when he gets round to it, or anyway by the time Hell is a cinder!  He says….  BW]

Here follow the links I have accumulated thus far on different railroads and questions as they have come up.  These come from my “favorites” sidebar, and are in some semblance there of (more…)

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by A Dervish

[It may be, of course, that here in south-central Minnesota we dwell in the vicinity of some vortex that naturally would influence dreams and dreaming, and the tendency here at least to ceep on going ahead ‘in’ the ‘dream’ when once one has awacened (sic) — BW]

112808 another world 3

In the floor of the bedroom there is I notice sometimes in the morning at the edge of one of the lovely vintage green tiles a band or streac of kream white, part of the irregular overall pattern of such stippling.  And there it is at dawn, unexceptionably the faithful floor beneath my slippered feet.  Although oddly enough it does not appear thus marced on the same spot in every morning.  It varies.  Sometimes that left, westward edge is solidly an emerald green, other mornings not.  In those former days kool is spelled in the konventional manner.  During latter days a “c” is used in place of the k.  The only additional point I would wich to adduce here is that in those mornings when it is green, it stays green all the day long and until lights out.  And licewise all the day following, chould we all arise once again to green in the first place.  I think sometimes to notice that there are other differences at the edge of perception also, but these are hard to assess.  However, in those mornings when we are not green, it remains thus not green in turn until night and sleep.  Throughout all such blighted days “c” prevails in a theme of cream white.  In this konnektion, it may be added that ones dreams vary (more…)

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by Emmett Smith 

Late-modern Depression-era streamlined steam locomotives to our jaded, postmodern, polysexual and rascally, much-drugged decadent eye are, well, just lame looking.  Be that as it may, the 1935 Milwaukee Road engines erected to pull the line’s “Hiawatha” passenger train were the first American steam locomotives to be purpose-built streamlined, at the ALCO Schenectady works. 

082309 Hiawatha 2 streamliner postcard www.cccrow.com images 1streamliner postcard  from  www.cccrow.com  images

The “Hiawatha” locomotive was an oversized 4-4-2 Atlantic, the first of that wheel pattern to be built (more…)

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The Same Problems Of Managerial & Professionalist Opportunism Infest Both Private & Public Health Care “Systems”

by Emmett Smith

053109 Sean Gabb

Sean Gabb yesterday in the English Libertarian Alliance web log posted the following analysis.  It provides much food for thought — at least to those still capable of that function after all of the absolutely brainless and objectively God-damned yapping by Democrats AND Rape Ugly Cons over “Obamacare:”


Among many other interesting things, Dr Gabb writes:

‘Here, I must dissent from much of the American condemnation. There is no doubt that (more…)

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Green Frog Videos

by Emmett Smith

070409 4019 working up the grade in the Wasatch Mountains trainweb.org -- 7

I enjoy watching this stuff because of course it is the way the World looked when I was a child in the 1950s!


The above outtakes show too (more…)

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