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by Emmett Smith

Otto Perry Archive, UP 9014 by F O Kelly, 1937, Topeka KS, 3rd cyl gear valve replaced by dbl Walschaert, Brooks 1926 -- 092709

Engineman Wook is on a trainman’s holiday from the Pennsy.  Now, on the far side of the Union Pacific yard and too far to run over to the Baron Hotel smokeshop before pulling out of the Alliance NE yards, he lets his (more…)


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by Emmett Smith

Otto Perry Archive, UP 9000 by Bill Navari, 1956, Summit CA, Brooks 1926 -- 092709

Engineman Wook is on a trainman’s holiday from the PRR.  Now he finds himself standing off on the far side of the UP locomotive to “get away from conductors, brakemen and other halfwits so a man can THINK!” and studying the problem:
“By God, boys, I believe the little bastards have been and poured Wildroot * all over the rail!”

The engine shown, the first of the 1920s Union Pacific RR 9000 3-cylinder series, had twelve (more…)

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by Emmett R Smith

25 - Convair B-36 F keyboard 092109

Above is a view of the keyboard of a B-36 F atomic bomber.  And here is (more…)

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by Emmett R Smith

PRR Modern Steam Q2 - pg 8, Robert Schoenberg collection -- 092209

 [  for a readable image, click here:  http://prr.railfan.net/documents/ModernSteam.html/page8.jpg  ]

The following link is to Robert Schoenberg’s extensive (!) online roster of Pennsylvania Railroad documents and images, the biggest node of sequins I have excavated so far:


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by Emmett Smith

48 - Convair B-36 recognition slide 092109

Hey, do you remember when we was all real little and there was Communists all over the place? 
     My Pop said the Minnesota State Employment Security Division on Raymond Avenue, in St Paul where he worked as an auditor, was “full of the skiving bastards and besides that they’re all after MY job!”  Pop was kind of a (more…)

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The Historical Wit and Insight of Popular Art

by Bodwyn Wook

Heath Robinson was an early-twentieth century mad English caricaturist of great probity, illustrator of the highly-probable impossibility, and one whose artwork very possibly (sorry!) outdoes Rube Goldberg, our own American cartoonist of contraption of this same era.  As well as creator of bizarre and essentially English, lashed-up, mechanisms that all look as if they should go…

091809 HR cigarette-butt collecter ironically revived by westsussex.gov.uk to clean the pavement after chavs

…Robinson was also of course a loyal propaganda cartoonist of the the two world wars.  It may not have been very fortunate for the the Jewish, Romany and Slavic peoples of Europe that Germans were The Enemy.  But they certainly were a godsend to Robinson!    
     Indeed, not a few historians now, at least among the free ranks of the non-tenured and independent scholars not trammelled by the ephemeral fads of the politically-determined university department, unite in declaring that very possibly the Germans of the Great War and, especially, the Second World War, were men somehow, well, “different.”  That arguably they were a sub-race undergoing divergent evolution.  We have already noted in these objective pp the huge diaspora in the nineteenth century of very large numbers of Germans into Texas and the American Middlewest, a hundred years or three generations before the Nazi murder-reign. 
     It follows with an irrefutable logic that geneticists as yet, again partly for reasons of a certainly well-meant political restraint that nonetheless may not in the end serve truth, have not looked into this fully enough.  It is certainly a scientific question, however, and in that regard the Wook-Smith Hypothesis simply enough is based on this observable fact:

Namely that in late-modern European history the Hitler Germans were predominantly other-directed epimethean personalities of the janitorial and Post Office type. 

This scientifically balanced and, hence, “value-neutral” formulation better accounts than any heretofore for the German and increasingly Nazi, nastier and more hysterical, national misbehavior in the World over the period 1914-45, and all over the place.  It of course takes into account not only the admittedly boring facts of conditioning and nurturance, for these indeed play their subordinate role in explanation. 
     However, the Wook-Smith Hypothesis also allows for the indispensable a priori role of biological inheritance.  For it is this problem of a demographically-altered DNA, and the associated deficits with emigration of the whole  clearly better and morally-alert part of the population thereof, that is without doubt one day to be proven the “final solution” of the “German problem” of the last century.
     In a word, large numbers of Germans of the most gifted and intuitive, dreamy and hence superior, personality-type were not only led to abandon a dying, rotting, an irremediably obnoxious, and ever-more-murderous, Europe for the sake of hoped-for new chances in a new world; they were as well driven out of that old death-house by the hideous upwelling of a terrible pre-perception, then mercifully still far below awareness: but, one which let them know subliminally in no uncertain terms that if they stayed behind, that then one day from up in Heaven they, too, should behold the assassination of their grandchildren on the Russian Front, in yet another genetically- and psycholgically inferior collusive act of mass murder, by vegetarian Adolf Hitler and the armies of the alcoholic Joseph Stalin.
     And, thus, the germ-plasm of Germany was abandoned to the “Aryan’ genetic mash, of the stoop-shouldered Hitler, the obese and addicted Goering, that rodentine Goebbels himself a cartoon of “The Jew,” and the more-than-even-the-other-ones-funny-looking Himmler….

You laugh, I see…’tis not “politically correct,” in unison you descant?
     Do you…?
     Ewe do!
     Ah, ’tis but the dawning of the new day of a truly esoteric historianship — and, you who doubt the Wook-Smith Hypothesis, namely of a foredoomed and objectively God-damned, Janitorial & Hence Hitlerite, Germany need only turn the page now– by God, we dare you! — and only see for yourselves as clearly as did Heath Robinson, what Europe and indeed all humankind were up against, from 1914-45:


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091809 Nellie's crew in the Deep South by Rowland Emett

by Emmett R Smith

An English artist who also happened, in his Tory way, to be a devoted trainman at the very post-WW II period of British railway nationalisation was Rowland Emett.091809 Rowland Emett   In his caricatures of the day in Punch one can quite see his regret at the passing of all the regional English railway companies, some quite small.  Indeed, Emett lampoons affectionately their bucolic ways that the postwar Labour party took as such a reproach to the then-prevailing political phantasy of English ‘public efficiency’.  A treasure of my childhood was his book about Nellie, the locomotive, and her excursion to North America, New World for Nellie.  In it, Emett indeed sends up the gargantuan propensities (to English eyes) of the American steam locomotive.  Afterward, Nellie returned home to England under the sea, and on the way her crew met up with some improbable divers knitting together breaks in the trans-Atlantic cable.  More may be read about her creator, here:


Also, in Cabinet of Wonders web log, there is this evocative write-up, by another childhood fan of Emett’s:


091809 repairing the trans-Atlantic cable

[Emmett R Smith

[all rights reserved & all others revert to holders

[18 September 2009]

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