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[My Second Great-Uncle Preserved Wook, the old-time Boston & Maine RR steam locomotive engineman and Congregationalist, says that the following account about a fungus-haunted Old New England house is “THE antidote fer all thet heathen Popish fungal jesuitical opt’mism!” in the preceding report, of Catholic priest-paleontologist Teilhard de Chardin and the Wonder Fungi of Paul Stamets — BW]

The Shunned House

by H P Lovecraft


From even the greatest of horrors irony is seldom absent. Some times it enters directly into the composition of the events, while sometimes it relates only to their fortuitous position among persons and places. The latter sort is splendidly exemplified by a case in the ancient city of Providence, where in the late forties Edgar Allan Poe used to sojourn often during his unsuccessful wooing of the gifted poetess, Mrs. Whitman. Poe generally stopped at the Mansion House in Benefit Street – the renamed Golden Ball Inn whose roof has sheltered Washington, Jefferson, and Lafayette – and his favourite walk led northward along the same street to Mrs. Whitman’s home and the neighbouring hillside churchyard of St. John’s whose hidden expanse of eighteenth-century gravestones had for him a peculiar fascination.
     Now the irony is this. In this walk, so many times repeated, the world’s greatest master of the terrible and the bizarre was obliged to pass a particular house on the eastern side of the street; a dingy, antiquated structure perched on the abruptly rising side hill, with a great unkept yard dating from a time when the region was partly open country. It does not appear that he ever wrote or spoke of it, nor is there any evidence that he even noticed it. And yet that house, to the two persons in possession of certain information, equals or outranks in horror the wildest phantasy of (more…)

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by ‘abd al-‘Abru al-HaDDaDi al-Fassi

FORTY-FOUR Years ago I first began to read the works of the French Jesuit priest and paleontologist, Pr Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. 

AS A priest and scientist he was above all concerned to understand how God is doing it.  Whatever ‘it’ may be — and, perhaps, that ‘God’ shall become.  Therefore, the future — the evolution of divinity itself — was of as much concern for Teilhard as the geological and biological past.  He proposed from his fossil studies transcendance not in precisely biblical or theological terms and so was censored by the Church; his writings were not allowed to be published in his lifetime.

AT The heart of the matter — all matter — Pr Pierre perceived an evolving noosphere, a new layer or shell of more and more ‘spiritualised’ life; a deeper and more differentiated existence going forward on the electromagnetic rather than comparatively crude molecular scale with its constantly stubbed toes, odious war, cancer and other inefficient hangnails.  He was, perhaps, the first to detect this emerging reality: in the metaphors of radio and electronics, man-made webs in the 1930s already girdling the Earth.

NOW, In this apparently entirely pornocratic and terminally mammalian Internet Age, Paul Stamets brings us the tremendous verification of yet another World-embracing net of life; and, one possibly destined to carry Nature’s hard-won growing self-awareness onward far into the post-human realm indeed — all of it, his great perception of the Beyond and this immense profound hope, wrung from Stamet’s devoted passionate study of mycology, spore and ‘super fungi’:


[Bodwyn Wook

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[26 December 2009]


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by Bodwyn Wook


As is well-known, most so-called ‘conspiracy’ theorists are males in the full reek of late maturity, swag bellied, neurotic and, in the many cases, actually funny looking; indeed, it is commonly held by state-liberallist credentiallised reality-counselors that one can identify these tragic excluded and socially-powerless screwballs, on sight:
     The staring boiled eyes, ranting tones and hectoring manner even whilst conducting the normal transactions of daily life at the cash-point and coffee bar, all of these are the bitter foul stigmata of both moral and public impotence, and servile incapacity.  Moreover, say the mental specialists in sociable re-normalisation, the private phantasies of these distrait persons (all of whom are found, on helpful intervention, to dream much, much too high above themselves, their actual station and real condition) give the game away everytime, every time:
     With an error-factor of but a scant O.17 percent, these maimed characters on survey reveal themselves, one and all and all of the time, prey to abject and hideous, relentless, phantasies of terror and humiliation; the most common setting of these waking nightmares being the doctor’s office or hospital casualty department; and, the diagnostic conclusion speedily arrived at and with grim and grinding (more…)

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