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by A Dervish

The following excerpt is illustrative of a certain confusion among “spiritual seekers” that not-infrequently is exploited by those whose task it is to supply diversionary entertainment:

I was talking…to one of the dancing dervishes who sometimes travel to (more…)

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by Navarth:


Oh, woman

Zan Zu of Eridu:

“Take my hand, oh man, and I will show you.

“Take my hand and you will see.

“Take my hand and follow me…out in to our new worlds.

“See the garden and our city beyond…

“See across the wide plazas clad in limestone and marble flags, amid the winding alleys and in to all the houses…

“Made when the fathers ruled…

“Now see you all who come there…

“And, now, you tell me:

“Who do you see that dwell there?”

(I give your lightly soft dry palm a squeeze)

“Everyone, I see…every…thing, and every body.

“Everything and everybody — every one — I ever even glimpsed all my life long.”

Zan Zu of Eridu:

“And who do you see now with each of them?”

(I squint and crane and peer)

“Each one has brought everyone and everything…every body…they ever knew in turn.”

Zan Zu of Eridu:

“That is how new worlds all are made, in love…and all remembrance.”

(I make sure your hand is still in mine)


Zan Zu of Eridu:

“In this love and garden, in this city and all our wide new winding worlds beyond…

“…endlessly here there is room for everyone and thing, and every body.

“That’s all.”


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[8 Ogdoad 1521/6 Safar 1431/11 January 21/22 January 2010 (OS)]

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Dr King

by Emmett R Smith

[21 January 2010 — As a man of the Right, but of a more reactionary older Right, the conservative Right of title and deed, contract and Constitution — as an Old Atlantic American patriot, I mean, and not a “NeoCon” nationalist guessing as hard as he can at “postmodernity” in a childish Eternal Present and fury of digital events — I intended below to write something rather nuanced about my appreciation of Dr Martin Luther King.  What emerged as perhaps inevitably must be the case was a string of incongruities.  These will tell the casual reader more about my condition as a man at the end of his life and the close of a futile generation than they possibly could say about Martin Luther King.  In his case, we enter upon the (more…)

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(posted by Former Farmer Smith With A Tip Of The Lid To “Shuck” B!)

A DEA officer from Fort Worth [being from there means in this sort of stories that of course in West Texas he is viewed as a completely helpess fool and kind of irritable, touchy, childish and fretful halfwit — ed] stops at a ranch in West Texas, and says to the whiskery leather-sledged old time dry-country rancher: 
     “OK, old schmaltz, now I am going to investigate your ranch for illegally grown drugs and plus any illegal Mexicans you might have got hanging around.”  [This sort of unwholesome interagency “double dippin'” and stealing of each others clients is common in the the turf wars between the DEA and the Border Patrol; it is done mainly as a sort of running gag, or commentary, about each others inefficiency and “just to piss off” each others senior officers — ed]  The gaunt cowman who has seen many things in his lifetime, and can remember just about all of them, says slowly after thinking it over for a minute, “Okay…but do NOT go out in to that dry bed over there….”

The chubby short DEA officer blows up, yelling in his squeaky city voice, “Mister, I have the authority of the Federal Government with ME.”  Reaching into his rear pants pocket, he hauls out his badge and proudly waves it at the rancher who has already heard many things in his lifetime, plus a whole lot more you’d just plain have to make up for yourself. 
     “See this here badge?  This badge means I am allowed to go WHERE ever I damn WANT…. On to ANY land…NO questions asked OR answers given.  And plus YOU all have just got to ALL kiss my ass OUTRIGHT, on sight AND just the way I like it, and that’s so in ALL places and in ALL cases…have I made myself clear?  DO…you…understand…ME?”
     The old man nods politely, and he says “Well…alright then…I give you my permission ANY way, mister,” and then goes about his chores.  A short time later, he hears just a awful yell and sees the DEA cop running for his life and chased down the empty wash by the big (!) Santa

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