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by Bodwyn Wook


“These public officials around here ARE a complete load of fools and BRAIN sonsofbitches, AND the dirty bastards are 100% WET as well as COMPLETELY on the God-damn TAKE…it is ALL because of the farming weedkiller and insecticide IN the God-damn drinking water!  What I can’t figure is WHY in the Hell are YOU dumb bastards surprised by any of  THIS…?  USE your God-damn heads for JUST once, Christ Almighty frying in Hell!” — Judson Andersen (farmer, Prairie Squid Twp, Squawbunion Cty, MN, b 1919)

The action described in the following finally took place on the 31st.
Mr Patrick Holt, condom, er, quondam “medicine man”, finally agreed letting the new Waseca Animal Rescue group take as many of his misused and sick and dying beasts as possible to safety just the day and night before:
Consequently, the sheriff’s department implies strongly that criminal charges are harder now to put up as “evidence was removed”.  As for the part played by the state humane society, alas, that “non-profit” outfit with its close-on-to fifty percent kill-rate and consistent in-the-black budget reports now seems to be just another self-made-irrelevant Baby Boom Non-Productive Professional Careerist’s wet dream.  Therefore, now, the newly-founded Waseca Animal Rescue is (more…)

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