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by Judson Andersen

This is a crock of shit. Of course this General McChrystal sonofabitch is a God-damn fool.  The dumb bastard is only fifty-five years old and so what in Hell can you expect, he does not have a brain in his head except for ish-biddly-otten-dotten and rah-rah-rah.  In WW II we would have shoved him off out in some jungle somewhere where he COULD NOT be a pain in the ass to anybody except maybe the (more…)

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[To an earlier post, a commentor replied that he wondered if the Sufi business wasn’t itself just more attention-seeking behaviour.  By implication this is to place Sufi studies and, indeed, much of the popular fads in spirituality, about on all-fours with Lindsay Lohan, President Obama, and General McChrystal and everyone; rather quickly, Mohammed Nejmi placed the following reply — BW]

Practical, good morning, I am wide awake in Casa and ready to take the grand taxi to Tangier to meet some English people there who want to see the mosques in Fas.  But I have a few minutes and I see that you treat attention-getting as something lowdown, or immature even.  Not so, it is just an indicator, or a symptom.  Of course the bombs by al-Qaida are disgusting, but there is an explanation.

Forty years ago, Idries Shah (pbuh) said that attention-seeking can be indeed childish, and that it is also a “low” function like the heartbeat.  Automatic.  But — without it we die! 

He added that if you simply give nutters, people all worked up about something, enough (more…)

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by A Dervish

9 Razhab 1431//22 June 2010

Below is the full text of the upcoming Rolling 1946-64 Nitwits article…


…in which General McChrystal in your wonderful American idiom “screws the pooch”.  He is a huge fan of hugely expensive Afghan “counterinsurgency” which the White House is necessarily trying now to softpedal.

Counterinsurgency in Viet Nam “never amounted to a hand full of shit” as my friend, si‘ Smit’, er, Smeeth used to say in his wonderful Eagle Lake, MN, dialect, and it was simply a huge foreign aid boondoggle, as noted at the end of the article below:

“‘Throwing money at the problem exacerbates the problem,’ says Andrew Wilder, an expert at Tufts University who has studied the effect of aid in southern Afghanistan. ‘A tsunami of cash fuels corruption, delegitimizes the government and creates an environment where we’re picking winners and losers’ – a process that fuels resentment and hostility among the civilian population. So far, counterinsurgency has succeeded only in creating a never-ending demand for the the primary product supplied by the military: perpetual war.”

Andrew Wilder of course is some sort of “professional” and not an obvious student of Wisdom, and so no doubt he is full of the characteristic flaws and blindspots of this.  But he is right about counterinsurgency — if it is a matter of continued handouts by a bankrupt US government already in hock for hundreds of billions to support the professional classes at home and global investment bankers and globular unislamic hog farmers.

But Afghanistan is not Vietnam, and so Here And Now is where another Wave Of Possibility unfurls onto the Beach Of Tomorrow from out of the depths of the Infinite Ocean Of The Beyond:

Afghanistan is home to the most lucrative opium culture on Earth.  Thus, the way to success is clear, including a first-time successful underwriting of “counterinsurgency” anywhere in History.  Success can — will! — be assured if Americans can be realistic most of all about their own situation:

What not a few among the Wise have noted as “America’s Most Useless Generation” is now entering on its own little slow-motion holocaust, one that will make the German murders in late-modern Old Europe look like a picnic.  There are 60 (!) million Baby Boomers who now need to get off the train.  To help make it easier and, indeed, to restore comfortable and dignified Death as a legitimate commodity in Trade, we should act now.  And we can if we so choose, both on our behalf and the Afghan peoples’.

The way to success?

This can be found by legislatively “delegitimizing” government over-control of drugs, decriminalizing opiates and, indeed, allowing their over-the-counter sale as a public product certified by the FDA for purity.  In such a way we could not only first and foremost deal for the first time in an intelligent way with drugs in an open market.  But the career professionals in Washington could actually have their foreign policy cake and eat it, too.  Sales could be taxed perhaps as an excise- or VAT-matter, of course….

At the same time, this opening up of a real marketplace would be the making of Afghanistan, which has the potential in History to be the Asian Switzerland. 

So far, so objective, and the question is could America even get away with promoting this?  It would be that rare thing indeed in History, an actual new departure in the Afghan story.  Or do the sordid Cheneys and weary “realistic” Rumsfeld personalities, and their pessimistic counterparts all over the World, have an irremediable stake in a miserable Afghanistan destined to be the Forever Toilet of the careerist shenanigans of infinite generations of professionalists, in this case credentialed militarists and represented in this Turn Of The Round by “General For A Day” McChrystal?

‘abd al-‘Abru
“Stanley McChrystal: The runaway general
Obama’s top commander in Afghanistan never takes his eye off real enemy”

By Michael Hastings
Rolling Stone
updated 10:28 a.m. CT, Tues., June 22, 2010

Editor’s note: This article, as it appears in Rolling Stone magazine, contains profanity.

“How’d I get screwed into going to this dinner?” demands Gen. Stanley McChrystal. It’s a Thursday night in mid-April, and the commander of all U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan is sitting in a four-star suite at the Hôtel Westminster in Paris. He’s in France to sell his new war strategy to our NATO allies – to keep up the fiction, in essence, that we actually have (more…)

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by B Wook

I am sorry, but this Rand Paul, like Hank Williams, Jr, and Michael Douglas, is just another one of these public characters who is flat-out not fit follow in his father’s footsteps; like Franklin Graham or the sons of Old Joe Kennedy, young Paul’s is simply the clapped-out old knack for the slogan and the cliche.  Bellyaching (on behalf of much-picked-upon BritPet!) that corporation-bashing somehow is “un-American” takes the rather stale cake.  These huge and inert, silurian, agglomerations of lunging (more…)

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…what about?

If around my un-dead dirty life and greedy guilt in any way we still could talk,
then goodly, Goody, what about?
Your ever-less-than-guilty-somehow-goodly-always-well-meant dirt,
and greedy goodness without end?

Or animals in-every-single-way-well-meant-goodly in their dirty cages,
penned for slaughter broken-legged or other tests to fill real good our goodly un-dead guts,
our greed for dirty knowledge,
and endless torture to no good end?

Oh, Goody, this all is much-too-much-of-goodly-goodly-goodness for one as just-not-good as not-un-greedy-un-dead-dirty-un-good me.

[Bodwyn Wook

[all rights reserved

[13 June 2010]

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by Benny  Raymond
I have already written about the linoleum tile in the bedroom. It is of that lovely emerald green color that sometimes is seen today in bowling balls.  In 1950 the convent was built here in Weston for the teaching sisters of Our Lady Of Mount Sinai.  When it came time to finish the austere chamber of the ordene, this same color was selected for the floor, in a sole concession to beauty.  Other than the haggard Velazquez crucifix in bronze which was left behind when the sisters departed for good in 2000, on the eve of an impossible new millenium.  I look upon the shadowed Christ from where I lie in bed in the half-light of Christmas and Midsummer’s mornings, early, and I am not abashed; it is fully thirty-four years since I gazed on the face of Jesus, said I would take my own blame and lifted him down from there.  He smiled at me in the (more…)

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by Judson Andersen
“The historical fate of America will be that of all usurper peoples.”  [CG Jung]
From time to time friends who are bellyaching these days about illegal immigration send me propaganda pictures of dirty-looking Hispanic characters lolling on drugs in sweaty dirty wifebeaters, playing with guns and rubbing themselves all over with handfuls of cocaine powder.  Like in the picture above [deleted — ed], oh well, mostly anyway.  It is supposed to show the real (more…)

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by B Wook, Tightwad & Professional Grifter

This is simply to see if I can get by with using my email template for now in order to compose & post yet more of my peerless insights, only now on a new laptop and yet without ponying (more…)

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