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by Bodwyn Wook

When one enters wikileaks.org up comes this instructive panel:

  Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage
   Most likely causes:
You are not connected to the Internet.
The website is encountering problems.
There might be a typing error in the address.
   What you can try:
     Diagnose Connection Problems
     More information

Is this obstruction because of unusual on-line traffic flow concerning the ‘leaked’ documents about the Afghan war boondoggle?  Or, are these DC halfwits and objectively God-damned fools even remotely capable of actually doing — just for once, oh please, God, let it be so even just one time! – anything, any thing at all, and actually cutting off an Internet site they don’t like?

Ho-hum, yawn and sigh:

Once again Old Atlantic westerners — Americans now, and not the English except as companion lapdogs — are wandering the Earth in their moral kindergarten of Market Theory & Good Vaguely General Intentions, trying once again to change the World with porn-o videogrammes and at gunpoint.  The wikileaks.org documents are nothing new in (more…)


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Lintel Piece

by Bodwyn Wook

It is true in love that as the earth turns and turns and turns.  And my stomach with it.  I grow weary in an eery sort of way that feels.  Well.  Some how.  Final.  So that finally and for good and all at last I may.  Now.  I think I can.  And now I do.  I just plain do ignore the fading pounding that you still call (more…)

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