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by Emmett Smith

Cousin Kathy Brown of Edina, MN, sends the following information, originally as comments, in: 




George Schippel was a son of Anton and Wilhelmina Frohrip Schippel.  Cousin Myrna Halverson Renner, who also comments in these online pp, is a granddaughter of George and daughter of Bert[ha] Schippel Halverson and  Claire Halverson.  “I am sending one of the pictures I have of them.”

“The Frohrip family left Hamburg Germany in two ‘shifts’.  On 18 May 1854 the two oldest girls,  Mary (Maria) and Dorothea, arrived in the US aboard the Oldenburg which was a barque.  Then the rest of the family, their mother Maria and the remaining grown children, Louisa, John Charles, Wilhelmina and Frederica arrived, travelling with Mother Maria’s brother Andreas Bahlke.  They arrived at Castle Garden in New York on 23 Oct 1855 aboard the Nordamerica. 

“How they travelled to MN I do not know and would dearly love to find out.

“In 1860 This group was all together in Cottonwood ,  Brown County,  MN [sic].  That 1860 census report information is the last document in which I find them all together.  We know that (more…)

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by Bodwyn Wook

Once again, these speak for themselves to a variety of astronomy enthusiasms; the Sloan Digital Sky Survey is perhaps most interesting in view of the new light it is throwing on Milky Way galactic structures.



Sloan Digital Sky Survey:




[Bodwyn Wook

[all rights revert to holders

[30 August 2010]

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by Bodwyn Wook

The following speak for themselves; I believe I got these all from the  www.enchantedlearning.com  site.



Astronomy — GLOSSARY:


Astronomy — ID-sA:


Astronomy — INFINITY………..Becky Ramotowski:










Astronomy — SPACE WEATHER:


Astronomy — SUN- & MOONRISE DATA:








[Bodwyn Wook

[all rights revert to holders

[26 August 2010]

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by Al Wuq

I Have once again been sitting by night on the open porch on the South side of the old convent here at home in southern Minnesota, and looking deep through my father’s old binoculars into the busy skies in the centre of this home galaxy of ours; amazing it is to me to consider that, at least in the perception of not a few Sufis, the self-awareness that has just made its fragile material beginnings here in Old Earth shall one day fill and, indeed, consume at least this entire universe.  It is one of those ‘final’ sort of religious statements that for so long have bedevilled humankind, so that naturally the angel guided our nebi MuHammad (pbuh) to state it clearly:  that this islam indeed is to be the last of these (more…)

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by Bodwyn Wook


What is most important about the following is that you, gentle reader, may go out and look South and see all of this for yourself, oh, any time around ten or eleven (DST) in the evening, now, in August in the Northern hemisphere — BW


Firstly, here is a nice map of the business; it is all no more than fifteen degrees above the southern horizon on the latitude of Milan-Minneapolis.

The entire astronomical sky centred on the galactic plane may be viewed here:


Next — click on either of these  below for LARGER images — may be seen a couple of pictures, one unadorned by self-conscious mammalian nomenclature; the second labelled for the insecure.

They are from this web site:


According to Navarth, called by some ‘the Mad Poet’, all galaxies let fly with periodic monster explosions at their centres. 
     It is in theory because of cycles of gravitational congestion and the associated rhythmic discharge of core ‘black holes’; the huge blast of radiation, the electromagnetic flux on a multiplicity of wave-lengths, can — and it will! — play Hell with any molecular sentient critters dumb enough to be caught floundering amid primitive ‘internets’ and trapped still at the crude ‘high tech’ electro-magnetic and silicon, or PC and light bulb, stage.  Something similar after all happened to our late mother who’d run away to London in (more…)

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by Bodwyn Wook

As a fourteen-year-old boy in 1963 I was no end taken by the exiguities of Tory Secretary of State for War John Profumo.  How he was become mired in the toils of society ponce and epicene marihuanist Stephen Ward and, then, brought low by his liaison with Christine Keeler (and, through Keeler, with Yevgeni Ivanov, a Soviet Embassy naval attaché) was not only doleful, to me; not as a morality-tale, at any rate.  Indeed, it suggested rather strongly altogether the visions of some delectable by-ways one day (or, on at least a few nights anyhow) to be trod by me, myself, in my soon-adulthood now in the offing.  After all, these selfsame Tories were my father’s (more…)

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by Bodwyn Wook


‘…[This is] a hell of a time to find out you do not believe capital punishment achieves anything!’ — Syd Dernley


Albert Pierrepoint:

‘I have come to the conclusion that executions solve nothing, and are only an antiquated relic of a primitive desire for revenge which takes the easy way and hands over the responsibility for revenge to other people….  The trouble with the death penalty has always been that nobody wanted it for everybody, but everybody differed about who should get off.’

[writing in his autobiography, ExecutionerPierrepoint (1974)]

Home Office Executioner Albert Pierrepoint in his prison office, possibly in Wandsworth in 1946 at the hanging of  ‘Lord Haw-Haw‘; only his portable typewriter appears anachronistic; too new, ie — BW

But, Pierrepoint’s long-time assistant, Syd Dernley, professed (more…)

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by Benny Raymond

Below is a photograph from the Summer-after-next.  The careful reader will take this only for what it is worth.  It is simply another example of the minor phenomena of temporal porosity that can occur, and do frequently, in the wake of successfully concluded Sufi operations.

     It is not in itself intrinsic or in any sense “miraculous”. 
     It is merely an eddy, a condensation trail, or the effect of the release of a certain quanta of mental or imaginal energy in the collective human mind at the close of the late-modern age.  This was effected by the worker Idries Shah (pbuh) in the course of (more…)

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“My Difficulties”

by Ingenier Livio Dante Porta

“Know that what isn’t written down doesn’t exist.”  (L D Porta, August, 1999)


[To the engineering world, Livio Dante Porta (pbuh) was the controversial apostle of reciprocating steam locomotive final perfection; to dervish students of wisdom, he is a subtle thinker who revivified our comprehension of the molecular and mechanical level of physical reality with unrivalled clarity of precision.  He is sometimes called by dervishes “The Perfector Of The Limits On Human Understanding” for his work in defining the automatic, and thus often erroneous, limited nature of much of collective thought. The following lecture transcription is taken from the February-March 2000 issue of the Argentine Tren Rodante magazine, on-line at  http://www.tren-rodante.com.ar  and it is translated by Robin Fox; it previously was posted on-line notably at Martyn Bane’s web site  http://www.martynbane.co.uk/modernsteam/ldp/articlesbyldp/misdif.htm   and, now, Porta’s remarks are re-posted here as an excellent example of how the Sufi influence may be seen at work in parallel, simultaneously and yet to all appearances in widely-separated fields.  All rights revert to the original holders.  s/Nejmi Mohammed]


Transcript of a lecture given by the Argentine railway engineer Livio Dante Porta at a conference organised by the Argentine Railway Museum Foundation, at 7.00 p.m., 25th August 1999, at Sarmiento 329, Province of Buenos Aires.  

Today’s lecture has the title “My Difficulties”. Many people have asked me, by way of a foretaste, if these difficulties that I had in mind were related to my mechanical work, to do with materials, engines, or whatever. Nothing of the kind. My difficulties in the course of sixty years’ activity have been of (more…)

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