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by Bodwyn Wook

The following titles are listed in the order I would introduce them in a class on this subject:

Early American ArchitectureFrom the First Colonial Settlements to the National Period
Hugh Morrison
Oxford (1952)

Morrison is good especially because of the sound distinction he makes between seventeenth century building in the Old Atlantic English colonies, and the eighteenth century.  The former are colonial or late-medieval erections, and mainly of post-and-beam construction as adapted to the materials locally available from New England to Virginia and the Carolinas.  After 1700 in the English colonies, Morrison writes of both Georgian and Adam or ‘Federal’ styles; the last is light, airy and delightful.  A great value of Morrison’s book is that he illustrates in detail the intricacies of post-and-beam construction.  Also, he notices extensively the contemporaneous building by (more…)

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 by Alan G Carter

[re-posted at the request of Navarth in Bodwyn Wook as a public information service to those interested in all that lies BEYOND religion, science and, indeed, Islam itself as well as any mere personal transcendance — Nazheem MaHmood]


‘Rolling the ball,
Rolling the ball,
Rolling the ball,
To me.’
Kate Bush – ‘Them Heavy People’


From Clueless To The Trueman Show

The modern world needs rethinking because we are so rich. Since World War II (more…)

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(by the editor)

At Bodwyn Wook we do indeed edit comments, at least in these terms:

1)  We are pretty much down on fuck , or ‘fuck’ for that matter at all, as most usage of this is, indeed, sub- if not actually illiterate and, well, pretty much “fucked up”.

2)  Also, we do try for some consistency in spelling and grammar, although this can and does vary as between “written American” and ‘proper English’ usage, depending on who is handling the in-bound traffic.

If, indeed, we do not ‘clean up’ your text, be sure this is indeed a studied gesture of contempt and that we positively do want to see you stand revealed by your own bad writing as a fool and a half-wit. 

In the case of submittors for whom English is a second language, we are of course inclined to go easy on these, and to go simply for clarity in the case of any ambiguities; this, however, is intended for good manners and not scorn:  not always, of course, but as rule the two categories are distinct.

[Bodwyn Wook

[all rights reserved

[24 September 2010]

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Get Ready

by Wayness Tamm-Clattuc


“[G]reater numbers of the sheerly old means more and more expensive querulousness, not insight.”


Something I noted in response to my posting the other day makes me think of the “Get Ready” man from James Thurber’s hometown of Columbus.  He was always calling out the end of the world, for instance from darkened theater balconies during performances of Shakespeare…and “Charlie’s Aunt”.  It made for an eerie counterpoint altogether, writes Thurber of this boyhood memory of 1910 or so.  Now, a hundred years on cgm68 wrote:

“Hi.  Didn’t somebody here write that the Hispanic drug gangs will be the new drug providers to aging boomers now that the pharmaceutical companies and doctors have priced themselves out of the market?  And that they will become respectable members of American society that way?  What about the law?  Anybody who tries this will be busted, practicing medicine without a license and so on.  Maybe it will be just sheer force of numbers that will finally swamp law enforcement so badly they’ll cave in.  It’ll be our kids though, who are ‘inheriting the wind’ and they will have a really basic need to be rid of us.  I mean as a generational thing that can’t be entirely disguised by talk of love and all that.”

cgm68 makes a very complex point full of implications:

Many if not most autarkic traditional cultures that gather all their own sustenance in overall frameworks of “bad year economics” have the idea, it is embedded in their myth and the resulting ethical teachings usually conveyed as stories, that the old will (more…)

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“…[T]he dreaded Mexican economic migrant that is now the sock puppet for everything wrong with a topheavy and too expensive federalism in fact is the archetype of the American immigrant story.  It is this union of opposites — if it could ever happen — a political union of “illegals” and the Tea Party that would break the mold and usher in an new American renewal of entrepreneurial individual freedom.  That would mark the rebirth of  the American dream of progress that has been long sidetracked by childish safety and security demands that are at bottom profoundly pessimistic….”

[Dr Tamm-Clattuc is an analytical psychologist who worked for many years in Zurich and is now retired in her childhood home country of western Wisconsin — BW]

by Wayness Tamm-Clattuc

A comment was posted recently about the Koran-burning proposal in Florida, in Bodwyn Wook:

“Some people just don’t see the consequences of an action.” 

That is the great problem of the neurotic, trying to find the courage to live the open-ended life.  The neurotic wants an absolute guarantee ahead of time.  The neurotic is obsessed by the future (which is to say, by death).  “Knowing the outcomes” in fact is a highly valued sufi idea, and it is presented as a hallmark of their idea of a certain gain in maturity.  And yet there are no guarantees in this life even in the case of either the most defiant or most ethical personality.  It is because (more…)

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by MuHammad Nejmi

The ruckus in Florida about burning the muslim Quran is very possibly a typical sufi teaching situation.
     It certainly bears all the hallmarks.
     The American President today in fact said in his press conference — without denying anyone’s freedom of speech — that the real danger in these kinds of symbolic calls for “action” is that they will stir up other people “who want to get attention”.  So much is this the case here that in the muslim world not a few of the more advanced personalities already have noted the useful role actually being played by the Florida pastor in all of this.
     It is really on the order of a very skilled teaching exercise.
     The real questions include:

Whether the pastor is merely a “useful idiot”?

Or is he in fact a conscious agent of Wisdom?

Behind the scenes could there be after all a working relationship between at least some of the christian and muslim players?

Needless to say from the way the pastor looks, it is clearly an attention-deficit case.
     The damaged country & western music type of look, the antique whiskers of the century before last, the eye-rolling sincerity and honest profession of a simple creed of christian love all wadded together, behind these are to be seen all of the stigmata of frustrated egotism.  The great feeling conveyed to all who are actually self-aware of their own primary drives is “I have been forced to live on too low a level and now I’m famous, I really am tormented and conscientuous and all that stuff, and now I am that way even more!”  This perfectly human mishmash is of course very sincere and the personality truly (more…)

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