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by Emmett R Smith

Because I am really conservative — because I am in fact really and objectively an American conservative — therefore I know that there is absolutely no one and nothing whatever in the whole World to be afraid of. 

No one “out there”.

And no thing.

After all, first, last and always, as an American conservative I am simply and plainly and, therefore, calmly always right.

At all times and in all places and in all cases.

As a real American conservative, I am simply and unashamedly right about everything.

Because I am an American conservative and therefore really and truly right about everything, this means that I am simply right about all of our momentary political concerns, too.

As an American conservative, I really do know that there is nothing to get worked up about; this is because the Future absolutely is (more…)

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Explanatory Note

by A Dervish

About the preceeding post, a note of explanation is in order.  It is generally understood throughout the wide range of Sufi schools and operations that a certain ratio of the Wise to the general human population is critical.  It is reliably calculated that there must be at a minimum one worker per two hundred thousand.  This figure is generally taught fairly early on in all current schools.  (As an exercise, those who so choose may work out the numbers for themselves, for example in terms of the total current population on earth, in your home country or community, church or profession, and so forth.  Whatever.)  Now these may be “workers” at any level on the public (Zahiriyya) side of our spiritual totem pole in (more…)

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by Benny Raymond

At the slight, brief soft touch of her fingerends as she placed the change into my palm, a few warm pennies in to the cup of my hand, no bills, I decided all at once that I remembered right now, right on the spot – it was in a flicker of lightning just then through the tall windows of the ultragourmand and postmodern, new, grocerystore — what it had been like once upon a time, all at once only forty-five years ago now, to fall in love.  “Gaw-dess,” I murmured absently and then shook myself:
     “Errm…aw, thanks lots!”
     The demure sales associate in her bowlcut thick cap of very dark and rich and heavy, gleaming and glossy, hair of lustrous sable shot with highlights from the arc lighting high overhead in the cavernous grocery, made me a kind of up-from-under half-smile.  For that full tenth of a second I hoped I was not making a senectuous and jaded kind of vile leer, nor any rictus otherwise limiculous, in return as I gazed into her brown, brown eyes.  They sparkled in all the glitter of all that booming market all around us.  They were wise moreover, as wise as all our daughters’ eyes, seeing the wide World dangerously, and confidently, through small narrow horizontal pebbles of diamantine polished (more…)

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