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by Benny Raymond

[Benny Raymond is a former American Peace Corps volunteer who served in Morocco on the eve of the “Reagen Miracle” and, worse than merely “native,” went Moslem — ed]

…As to the floor toilets of Morocco, the infamous “squat shitters” so much the terror of tourists, I really went for these in a big way — when you hunch & and kind of rotate on your ankles & then just, well, jam you really do (more…)

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More & Dumber People Than Ever Before All Texting & Sexting & A-Holing Around With Digital Toys?


by Benny Raymond

According to savant and leading commentor on current events, Bodwyn Wook, “People drift with their technology just as they do with their ‘values’ and other fads…the result being that large numbers invariably ARE to be found clustered in the prevailing popular nodes of the day, and where they are then subject to attack. 
     “The Sufis call these market-conditioned unfortunates the ‘staked goats of current events’. 
     “Their general lack of any sort of automatic morality, today, makes them potential victims of mass events, and at every point of the compass.  All of the tragically collective personalities vacationing in the Indian Ocean only to be drowned by the tsunami are a case in point.  Everyone knows that the seaside is very dangerous for just such reasons, and yet these fools were lured and inveigled, lied to and misled to their doom, by a so-called ‘tourist industry’.
     “Again, collective disaster can result from hijacked airliners because of the uncritical and thus, objectively, insane flying around by large numbers of impressionable dolts, and which attracts the malign attention of (more…)

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by Bodwyn Wook

As I rattle away, here, the sheepheaded, the muttonheaded and boneheaded old president of Egypt is out on his elderly and baggy, senectuous, ass…leaving behind as do so many of the Old & The God-Damned, so much more often than not of course, an atrocious mess.  And, now, we see this is so not only for the useless American old, and not only in Arizona and Costa Rica….

This, like the hair-dyed and hibernian Old Reagen who became pretty much nothing but a gabby old phraud (GOP!) after the 1981-2 ruin of Stockman’s budget (by the GOP Senators!), is the usual fate.

It is too, too bad, for all of the study of Machiavelli in my hopeless 1946-64 academic generation, that no one but no one has copped to the aimless futility of political “power” as an end-in-itself.  It is the grail for the weakheaded of all parties, who above all have no power, none whatsoever, over themselves.   For this trash all others and everything else (more…)

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re-posted by Bodwyn Wook

The synopsis of a theme by the author of SPITFIRE : Portrait Of A Legend, by Leo McKinstry

(John Murray, £20 — To order a copy at £18 [P&P free], call 0845 606 4206.)

From the MailOnline, 21 November 2007:


[The following text from The Daily Mail re-posted here solely for purposes of information redundancy is ample, if unwitting, testimonial to an example of the precisely-attuned sufi handling of mundane affairs and the overall direction of history; the inert character of the “collective unconscious” of the jungian psychologists means, alas, that not too much can be done at a time and, so, at the risk of a certain statistical, or ‘normal’, incomprehension many workers regardlessly make their specific contributions which, nonetheless, are additive to the general result over the millenia. — Mohamet Nedgjeem & Bodwyn Wook]

The images of the Battle of Britain in the summer of 1940 resonate almost 70 years later.

Dashing young RAF fighter pilots concealing their courage beneath an air of nonchalance; the beautiful outline of the Spitfire with its unmistakable elliptical wings; desperate dogfights with the enemy in the summer skies – all of these remain to this day the ultimate symbols of British resolve. Those months from July until the middle of September 1940, when the men of the RAF held the nation’s destiny in their hands, were a unique moment in our island history.

As Winston Churchill famously put it during the height of the battle, “Never in the field of human conflict has so much been owed by so many to so few.”

Yet it is a strange twist of history that the commander of The Few, Sir Hugh Dowding, was different from the classic fighter pilot stereotype.

Aloof, dry, cold to the point of frigidity, Dowding, who was head of RAF Fighter Command throughout the Battle, had little of the Èlan that characterised his men.

Quite the contrary.

He was a widower who lived with his sister, believed in reincarnation and, most bizarrely of all, met his second wife after claiming he had spoken to (more…)

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posted by Bodwyn Wook

These two links speak for themselves.  The account of flying in Burma will make your hair stand on end; it is great oral history. 

Flying The Hump :


And the Richard Sullivan VJ-footage shot by his father in Waikiki on 14 August 1945 is interesting to see, although arguably a bit ‘overproduced’, although I would say not.  The footage, digitalised from 16-mm film, in any case shows how so very young our parents were, then, no older than many of our grown-up children of to-day!

VJ-Day, Waikiki :



[Bodwyn Wook

[all rights revert to holders

[5 February 2011]

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[edited by Mohammed Nejmi

[The following excerpts from various recent online exchanges by a number of contemporary sufi students at work here in the non-muslim part of the West are illustrative of some of the best benefits of sufi studies.   Also, they reveal clearly the many kinds and consistent quality of developed and penetrating perception, as well as the lighthearted wit, that is the hallmark of the successful students in mid-passage.  Altogether, these excerpts are as refreshing as a drink of water in the deep desert of our otherwise deserted and, of course, “objectively God-damned” postmodernity.  Please note that I have rendered the the objective sufic content in terra cotta.  MN]


27 January 2011

See?  Even down here on the level of a bare two dozen folks all more-or-less on the same page, it’s nothing but a God-damn hog-wrassle!  And yet optimistic folks “think” that through politics “they” are going to (more…)

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by Benny Raymond


One time in Morocco in the Peace Corps I was supposed to (more…)

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