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Premiering In Theatres Everywhere…  


…31 October 2011

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To a 48 (!) Year Old Buddy In The National Guard…THIS Just Might BE The Last Hope in Hell for a NO-WIN Army!

by Old Uncle Crow

19 August 2011
[M]y man, as you already know, much data does not Wisdom make.  The answer?  MORE data, you absolutely HAVE to pass this “data mining” thingy bull shit be low…


…on to the rummies over you in that Kuwait Monkey Ass Tree Hole, there.  YOU will probably get another Attendance Medal.  Or some thing.  Because doubtlessly this SAS scam IS the very last chance on Earth to fish back from The Cyber Edge the whole God-damn pixo-military byte-circus. 
I am just fascinated by the historical side of these Special Forces shenanigans, remote control model airplanes with bombs, the whole nine yards. 
Jesus Christ, for stuck in a slut, er…rut! 
I think I’ve already pointed out that these “hardened teams” are anachronistic and, therefore, just hopeless.  Oh, Hell, they’re no doubt funner than Hell for a certain kind of high energy nonmoral kid who escaped The Women and didn’t get soaked in Ritalin.  Do you think?  But any way these God-damn Special Forces are the last late-modern era strategy.  They’re at least forty years old as concept.  This theory was preceded by MAD and, before that, the Blitzkrieg.  That’s how bad it is.  When some thing (or opinion!) on the irreducibly and inescapably biological human scale of time is forty years old it is done for.  Sure as Hell, operations are MORE techy than ever…and (therefore?) no thing ever gets finished.  Oh, sure, a few of the more sheep greasy “sand niggers” or other Semites get nailed, and eventually all of the strung out personnel on steroids either suicide when the band quits playing.  Or else come back for cops, and fry nutters down town at three in the morning with Tasers, under the Old Mankato [in Minnesota, not Kansas; the site of a reputed historical curse after the 1862 Dakota Indian War — ed] Hang Town Indian Hanging Buffalo.

This down fall of the American military — like the collapse of the American university in to a political zoo — is an other consequence of the dark curse of credential professionalism, since the Progressive Era of 1910 or so.
Old Uncle Crow Bird

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[19 August 2011]

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