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Lord & Lady Dowding, September of 1960 -- 062913Lord Dowding, the Battle of Britain and Animal Welfare

posted by Bodwyn Wook


In this video we hear first about Lord Dowding’s role in the ‘Battle of Britain’. Afterwards we hear two speeches Lord Dowding made in the House of Lords. The first speech (in 1949 – still topical to-day) is about the development of the humane slaughter of animals and how Jews and Muslims, even to-day, opt out of these decent intentions. The second speech (in 1957) is about painful experiments on animals; it remains relevant to-day because the European Union’s new legislation — which will be binding on all member states — will allow scientists to continue to perform severely painful and prolonged experiments on animals.

[Bodwyn Wook

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[29 June 2013]


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Captain Joseph 'Mutt' Summers; 'Agony' Payn; R J Mitchell (seated); S Scott Hall; Jeffrey Quill -- 062913R J Mitchell, Designer of the Spitfire

by Bodwyn Wook

[In the photo are shown, left to right:  Captain Joseph ‘Mutt’ Summers; ‘Agony’ Payn; R J Mitchell (seated); S Scott Hall; Jeffrey Quill]

This videogramme is about the short life and historically decisive aeronautical design work of Spitfire fighter-designer Reginald Mitchell:


What is of importance in the biography of History is character, both attributes of the personality and its moral function.  Mitchell’s key attributes as an aeronautical engineer appear from the foregoing to have been three:

First must be noticed his ability to (more…)

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Pearl Harbor & Midway & After:Isoroku Yamamoto -- 062113

The View From Japan

posted by Bodwyn Wook


This Japanese filmed account of the Pacific War offers much unusual footage & information generally not known, at least to many westerners.  Here is one instance:  The Japanese battleships that defeated the Imperial Russian Navy at Tsushima in 1905 all had been built in western naval yards.

My only criticism would be that the treatment of Yamamoto is to a large degree hagiographic; but, this is offset by the sheer amount of other information.

The image of IJN Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto is by:


[Bodwyn Wook

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[21 June 2013]

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HMS Prince of Wales & HMS Repulse, 10 December 1941 -- 062013

WARFARE – The Darkness of the Future

by Bodwyn Wook

This videogramme gives a convincing portrayal of the brief Battleship Age that came to a head at the Battle of Jutland, 30-31 May 1916, and was done for on 7 December 1941 at Pearl Harbour & off Malaya on 10 December 1941, with the sinking of HMS Prince of Wales & HMS Repulse:


At Jutland, (more…)

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Hillary Clinton -- 062013


by Bodwyn Wook

[The following was written by the gentleman in response to a friend & men’s rights advocate concerned about a Hilary Clinton presidential bid, and the possibility of the demonisation of men by certain elements of the American left, on the slangier levels of the campaign & its slogans — ed]

The habit of thinking historically can certainly be annoying & I apologize for that, Mr N.

However, from that same perspective it is helpful over & over, I think so anyway & in all our woes, to ask what is REALLY going on?

In this sort of thing I follow the lead (more…)

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Baffled By The Technogab...And Holding The Line -- 061913

The Common Fate

by Bodwyn Wook

In the common fate now upon him of all two-term US Chief Executives since at least LBJ, President Obama appears to be looking more & more Nixon-faced & pissed-off at Life generally these days, and no wonder.

He is after all the very Postmodern Heartland type of “the generalist” & cowpat “university” or law-school president.

Thus when faced with static about the electromagnetic nitty-gritty, he is both obviously befuddled by the technobabble of federal government gangs & relays of nerdish & nose-oily digit-sifters.

And, also, he is painfully stuck with holding the line on the completely career-driven, dionysian & hence morally insane “surveillance” lie & swindle, now about the embarrassingly unverifiable (!) claimed prevention of “up to fifty attacks”.

Not least the President has to walk on once again & do his turn, if only to reassure himself that just maybe, accidentally or not, he is NOT being done by “his” handlers — and, the Constitution with him!


President Obama altogether now actually may be in the awful position of President Harding in the Tea Pot Dome Scandal, of having been used for their prestige & career purposes by his so-called “friends” — and, “God DAMN the American people!”

[Bodwyn Wook

[all rights revert to holders

[19 June 2013]

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dervish with slippers -- 061013

Cône de lumière

par ‘abd al-‘Abru ibn al Haddad

Si vous avez besoin d’un message réconfortant de soulèvement, ne cherchez pas à un derviche de la Naqshbandiyya pour vous apporter un soulagement. Il n’y a rien à avoir. Comme il est bien connu pour tout para de la Légion étrangère, à toute libérale public américain formé maintenant sur leur chemin, tout le monde est foutu…et loin de la maison.

Tous ensemble, ils bêlent une chanson discordant, ces prêtres, ces scientifiques.

Tous ces hommes (more…)

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