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The Wasps, Miss Imig & Mr Cameronlarge wasp nest -- 092613

by Bodwyn Wook

Whenever I see a big wasp nest up in a tree, instead of waiting for the Winter freeze to kill the adult wasps so that I can fetch it indoors as a curiosity, I reckon that I could as well take it down now & go chuck it in at somebody’s open window…. 

Moving right along, I think to remember that in the second or third grade in the Fall in Minnehaha Elementary School at E 52nd St & 40th Av S in Minneapolis, one of the little sh-ts (NOT me for a wonder!) brought in a small wasp nest that then, in the steam heating, began to buzz & play up.  Oh, there was a Hell of an uproar.  Miss Imig (it was in her 2nd grade class, I remember now, it was the Fall of 1956 & Ike was busy being reelected) was a man-hungry young woman with bad skin, dishwater hair skinned back in a bun & that drenched herself in scent; she proceeded to get all girly & helpless & go “eek…SHRIEK!” and so we all had to go out in the hall.

Then, Mr Cameron, the fifty-year-old boilerman, came in with (more…)


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To Have Been Born Here, Or…There?

cane toad eating bat in Peru -- 092613

by Bodwyn Wook

These fat, personable & not always all that LITTLE fellas shown in the picture were very nearly among the Presiding Geniuses at my birth, in Cairns, in Queensland, in Australia; it was a close-run thing, but through no fault of my own I did make it safely back in time to be born, instead, in (more…)

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The Legacy of the English-Speaking Peoples & To-day’s Chief Threat

posted by B Wook

Dr Andrew Roberts -- 091713

Dr Andrew Roberts here beats the drum for the danger represented by a looming [and now dangerously (more…)

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Right Time…RIGHT People?

by B Wook

I am a Libertarian and have been for good long time.  But, truth be told, most people simply are NOT up to it as a practical matter of locally and cooperatively organizing their lives, not now at any rate; and, so, I rather do expect that behind the scenes the Sufis ARE sabotaging the whole affair at this time:


This is being done, exactly, by turning loose these loud (more…)

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Culla’s Bar

Culla’s Bar

posted by B Wook

I expect that this picture dates from no later than the mid-1970s & that it is just at the opening for the day; Darrold is having an eyeopener, it is daylight out & a barstool is visible still up on the ledge beneath the window to the left of the front exit.


There is Culla, her boyfriend Johnny in back in the stocking cap & Darrold Nelsen, the redhaired Dane from the apartment upstairs.  The AC is taped over above the bitty table at the end of the bar where we’d tuck in for cards, so it is Winter.  That is at the street-end of the bar where, after work, Dutch & Grace, Emma, Pete & the other oldtime Riversiders who’d grown up there before the War played (more…)

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Reply To Mr Congressman Tim Walz, MN 1st Congressional District

posted by Bodwyn Wook

Mr Congressman Tim Walz, MN 1st Congressional District -- 090913

9 September 2013

Dear Congressman Walz, thank you for indicating, in your reply to my letter requesting you to vote against Syrian intervention, that you consider the present proposal for operations in Syria does not set a high enough standard.

On your corollary, namely that “we should build and lead the international coalition needed to prevent this from happening again,” I can only reply thus:

At present, and this is clear to me because of the inestimable advantage of an Archimedean civilian or “outsider,” and therefore objective, standpoint, our American military strategic doctrine is in (more…)

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