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My Childhood on Skidrow

“I, myself, was on the way to becoming ‘a real tough baby,’ as they used to say & hobnobbed at least one time with ‘Kid Cann,’ himself….”  [BW]

by Bodwyn Wook

Isadore 'Kid Cann' Blumenfeld -- 102613

[Isadore “Kid Cann” Blumenfeld, a boyhood hero of historian Bodwyn Wook]

This is the link to an interesting documentary of home movies of Minneapolis’s skidrow in the “Kid Cann” 1950s, before Urban Renewal; the Mankato, MN, equivalent is probably the block-and-a-half to either side of the South Street Saloon, a similar swinepit in at least as old & grubby a building as any of those pulled down in Minneapolis fifty years ago, and itself dating to the 1880s or so — and still standing…:


I, myself, was well on the way to becoming “a real tough baby,” as they used to say & hobnobbed at least one time with “Kid Cann,” himself; or, anyway, the other patrons of the oldtime Stockholm Café on Washington Avenue, one of The Kid’s favorite venues!


Later, in the Summer of 1960 in June for two weeks after school got out for the Summer & before going to our mother’s family’s farm, I had art lessons at the Minneapolis Art Institute.  This involved taking the number 7 bus from down in the Minnehaha Falls Swedish ghetto all the way up to Washington Av & transferring (more…)

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The So-Called “Super Rich” Believe In This BS, Too!



“[M]oney, now, is certainly not the lovely souvenir forgeries of the mediaeval re-enactors at the Renaissance Fair, it is not in itself valuable, it is not something really above all desirable in itself & that you can see, hold, hoard or, maybe best of all, rub against your tit or your nutsack, or else just plain go out & piss away in the South Street Saloon down on the accursed floodplain in Old Hangtown Mankato, MN, with any REAL feeling whatsoever of being an honest-to-God wastrel…..”  [B “S McDuck” Wook]


by B “Scrooge McDuck” Wook

The following videogram shows the shocking apparent (NB) “gap” between rich & poor that has grown now in late-historical America; this sociological pattern in fact is a common result in the history of states & it arises as the result of _historical_ inflation, the decline in value of actual output by societies over generations and, importantly, spanning different forms of the evolving & declining (NB) state. 


When this is understood, one can then see how much of BOTH the Roosevelt AND Reagen “miracles” were nothing more than kicking the can down the road.

I will admit these statistical images like those in a nightmare are depressing —  but, in it all is concealed at least one ironic laugh:

Namely that with out a doubt, the so-called “super rich” (more…)

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On Postmodern Women & Perfection & Alcohol

posted by B Wook


My maternal Swiss-German female relatives in southern Minnesota in my grandmother’s generation were massive teetotalers, one & all; drinking they left to their as-large but toadlike men, all clearly the besotted avatars of a lower race.

Already in the 1930s in the full reek of enraged middle age, all of the women on that side of my family said, “God DAMN,” had massive (more…)

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La transformation d’une État thérapeutique dans l’État de détention

par B Wook


Le grand problème pour les élites dans une période tardive historique est la gestion et maintien pur et simple de très grandes et déraciné masses urbaines sans participation réelle et significative dans la société et en raison de la relative prospérité d’une période intermédiaire précédente devenu largement dépendant de portions régulières par l’état de nutriment «libre» et amusement; dans notre cas et en raison d’un domaine électronique nouvelle dans l’histoire, cette nouvelle garde besoin remplace désormais la thérapie de l’Etat voit les anciens arts de la fenêtre voyeurisme et trou de la serrure watching soulevées à un nouveau niveau .

La racine du problème, cependant, était aussi le problème romain en Occident et Byzance, et il est allé aussi loin (more…)

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Is It America’s Turn?

‘[America’s] assignment in running Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait was in reality just bananas, only that & nothing more, namely to play the monkey in fishing EuroAsian petroleum chestnuts out of the bonfire of the last late-modern North Atlantic vanities; curiously, the first name of the sitting President then was George, and it all was to open out onto the past twenty-one years of monkeying around in foreign parts among faraway people of whom we know, precisely, nothing.’  [B Wook]

by Bodwyn Wook


At the time of the Battle of Jutland on 30-31 May, 1916, England [‘Britain’ — ed] was already on the long downslope of her decades of premier global power & empire; in March of 1941, nine months before Pearl Harbour, English [‘British’ — ed] gold reserves were completely exhausted, she would have to abandon India posthaste to riot & arson & murder & partition in 1947; and, by the early 1960s, she was ‘out of Africa’.  The end of her suzerainty over Singapore was heralded by Japanese conquest in 1942; and, her departure from Hong Kong in 1997 merely an afterthought.

Still worse, in 1945 with England’s [‘Britain’s’ — ed] chief trade competitors apart from America all completely & flatly in ruins, England [‘Britain’ — ed] was still in no condition, because of a host of political & social flaws & wrong ideas infesting a whole society, to seize the opportunity to rebuild her industrial base & power.  These problems in addition were made even more intractable by the widely-held emotional need felt (NB) among all classes to spend out of all proportion on (more…)

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The Transformation of a Therapeutic into the Custodial State

by B Wook


The great problem for elites in any late-historical period is the management & outright policing of very large & rootless urban masses with no actual material stake in the society & because of the relative prosperity of a previous middle period now become widely dependent on regular servings up by the state of “free” nutriment & amusement; in our case & because of an electronic domain new in History, this emerging custodial need now superseding State Therapy sees the old arts of window-peeping & keyhole watching raised to a new level.

The root problem, however, was also the Roman problem both in (more…)

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On The Murder Of Another World

by B Wook

Skull & Bones, 1946-64

You know, the children simply must devour the parents, that is perhaps yet another dark implacable lesson of History:


The enterprise that Nature now is conducting in this world & with these species, including ourselves, is without a doubt being conducted throughout the entirety of this & perhaps many other universes & dimensions.

Now, “here,” yet another briefly dominant species once again is gobbling up its (more…)

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Of Outhouses, Apple Trees, Spiders & I

by B Wook

Common False-Widow Spider

I used to be scared of spiders as a small boy as our English father had wound us up about black widows lurking & clashing their mandibles under the rims of the black holes in the feculent & eyewatering (more…)

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As Matters Stand NOW:  The LAST Pitch

by Bodwyn Wook

Twilight Zone Episode 2 in the Fall of 1959 — THE parable from its long gone beginning for the generation now at its End….


[Bodwyn Wook

[all rights revert to holders

[10 October 2013]

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On The Roots Of Social COWARDICE In This Display Of Force

by B Wook, Chief Constable, Bureau “B,” Cadwal Conservancy [retd]


Cowardice is a state in which the dark imagination overcomes the ability at least to display confidence, still more the capacity to act out of the imperatives of ones own immediate self, group & setting. This widespread demoralization of Americans is an unforeseen consequence of (more…)

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