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State Policy, “Intelligence” & The Embarrassment of Information Inflation

by B Wook

The rather ridiculous overdoing by the postmodern American NSA may be no more than a late-historical endtime curiosity, although acutely embarrassing.  This sort of what I have come to call information inflation may in fact have its most utter roots in historical momentum, in this case of the dynamic laid down by an earlier & more-confident era. 

In other words, processes begun in an earlier victorious period & THEN, in the light of that same victory undoubtedly ingenious, overcome above all historically the critical faculties & then, tragically, the truly creative side of the intelligence-mission — perhaps even that ever-changing remit of a series of later periods & indeed whole generations.

In the last analysis, then, it may not even be the uncritically pursued sheer vulgar “volume” of all this quondam “data” that is important:

For example, in 1942 — now over seventy years since —  in the runup to the Battle of Midway, “[o]f the thousands of translated messages that indicated Japanese intentions of occupying Midway and trapping the United States fleet, less than a hundred have been found. It is, therefore, difficult to reconstruct (more…)

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Selfing It Up At The State Funeral!


by B Wook

Mrs Obama DOES look sort of frosted off! (I almost wrote ‘browned off’ here, in a reprise of our Pop’s WW II English slang, but anyway….)

Selfing It Up At The State Funeral -- 121013Inescapably, the notion of propriety comes to mind….

What ever IS the President’s wife thinking?

Now, “inappropriate” of course is a typical instance of minatory Womanspeak, most commonly found in the marital context; here, it is probably a necessary consequence of the fact that Mr Obama probably would not even BE President, if Mrs Obama had been not been poking him right along in the ass all these years, AND supervising the old guy whenever they are out “in Society”.

Going a level deeper, of course, the Danish Prime Minister, with her ill-omened expression of an ambiguous significance, looks very like THE bowling alley-varnished type of one of our very own hometown Mankato, MN, cigaret women who have been through the domestic mill a couple of times & now, thoroughly cured of “Luv,” are the hard core of our hard-charging Hangtown “Real Estate” queens.

I am NOT insinuating that the President is cultivating any untoward fantasies; but, in view of the real discrimination Blacks in America have faced so often in housing, subliminally the President MAY be reinsuring his post-White House residential bet!

Whereas Mr David Cameron, the English [‘British’ — ed] PM, merely looks like the somewhat pudgy guy in junior high who is always schmeltzing on the margins of the “in” crowd….

The Piano Man -- 121013Another American President came a cropper at home that night through letting down his guard a hair too much whilst socializing, earlier; it was when Harry Truman let himself be photographed while tickling the ivories & with a starlet lolling atop the upright piano!

But, Mr Truman never, ever went off the rails, not really, and nor shall Mr Obama, or so one confidently expects, not least from the determined set of Mrs Obama’s jaw!

[Bodwyn Wook

[all rights revert to holders

[10 December 2013]

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Gigantic Hell-Bending Salamanders Haunt Postmodern Diseased Dreams Of Objectively God-Damned Hangtown-Area Mankato, MN, So-Called “Whites”

by Bodwyn Wook

Beast Or Fish -- 120313I expect that THESE little bitties gave rise to the hellish images that haunted the dreams of the guilty descendants of the 1862 White generation; and, especially those of the heirs & assigns of what Leona Magly, born in 1901 in the Old Eagle Lake Road, called “the old Germans” of her grandparents’ day:

Of revengeful Indian warriors, riding “huge, Hell-bending salamanders limned in flames in vast pearly halls beneath the channel of the [Mankato] river”.


Some of course, firmly grounded in the scientific superstitions of the Late Modern, would doubt the integrity & worth of any “visions”:


But, then, even one so devout a rationalist as I, myself, was brought low by the superstitious 1984 neo-Postmodern chattering in the powwow sweatlodge!


[Bodwyn Wook

[all rights reserved

[3 December 2013]

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