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A Biological Fact


Ukrainian plebiscite -- 031614

by B ‘Chas Darwin’ Wook

A ‘Friend’ comments ‘I think…that Putin is having a late mid-life crisis and sees the weak US and Nato leadership as a golden opportunity for a land grab’.

This kind of thing is as biological as it is melancholy and so it is not entirely a non sequitur.  In old males, the loom of impotence & Death often results in these ‘last hurrahs’; it is, at bottom, a drive (more…)

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The 21st Century Is Finally Begun

by Bodwyn Wook

The Sunday Times -- 031614It is probably fair to say from to-day & henceforward that Russia ‘is back’ indeed on the stage as a contentious player & power-driven factor that must now be considered by North Atlantic chancelleries in the case of virtually all policy decisions; the key is Russian national interest, indeed, and President Putin in the last analysis is at least as canny a Russian nationalist as was Old Stalin, before him. Once again, the Baltic states, Poland & the hither Slavic states & Hungary will — must — revert to the Russian orbit & this is now the form of the Eastern European world probably for the balance of the twenty-first century.

The one great good thing to come out of this may be that from henceforward other territorial & constitutional states will resume behaving as states & not simply as a system of central banks, being milked in support of a would-be emerging & starkly unaccountable colossus of so-called ‘market states’.

But, for a mercy, the reassertion of Russia in the World marks in any case & for good & all an end to the New Antisemitism of these highly bogus & strictly made-for-Tee Vee ‘terror wars’ & other figments of the historically failed western Baby Boom generation that was so badly misled emotionally in policy by the essentially fallacious ‘reparative’ claims of a tragic, doomed Zionism.

[B Wook

[all rights reserved by the gentleman, Wook, to this incisive & inarguable analysis penned solely by him & presented here by him in his assertion of his moral right as the sole proprietor & sole beneficiary of this exemplary display of his, Mr Wook’s, peerless historical grasp & its associated & heartstoppingly infallible insights.

[15 March 2014]

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‘More’ Is Not Necessarily Better

by B ‘Dr Kervorkian’ Wook

skull & crossbones -- 090613‘Productive’?  Or, just more of the same tedious (!) getting, spending & hence that much more…defecation? 

The dull & unintelligent literalism that steams in our narrative everywhere like dogshit on the pavement is exemplified by this witless drooling linked below & this is the real measure of our moral poverty, not the opportunity sooner rather than  later to be materially dead & out of it & no longer part of the utterly doomed & insoluble (NB) mess of biological existence.


[B Wook

[all rights revert to holders

[15 March 2014]

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I Yamamoto -- 030514

“[We must remember especially now the possible role of] Putin’s disappointed & raging oligarchs who certainly have their own stake & disappointed claims in this all.”


A Tale Of Two Gamblers

by B Wook

Dr Alan D Zimm, in his 2011 analysis of Japanese strategic failure at Pearl Harbor, The Attack On Pearl Harbor, may help us to see the form of a possible resolution of the Putin affair today in the Ukraine.


For President Putin Vladimir indeed is very much a man similar to the Admiral Yamamoto Isoroku type, certainly as risk-taker & outright gambler!

Now at the end of November, 1941, anchors aweigh & underway, Zimm states that Yamamoto when he then received word of (more…)

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