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Our Sublimatory Generation

by B “S Freud” Wook


Ms Coulter is but one of a popular sort of entertainer that popped up to serve the anxious fears & rage of loads of Baby Bumsters afraid to look at outright Porn-O because, cruelly enough, they aren’t sexy enough or besought enough, themselves, to get to have gotten at more smut in their own lives; hence, they dodge off into the surrogacies of political paranoia & the self-importancy of running with others as inhibited as they, themselves, only more glib, namely The Profits, errm…Prophets. (more…)


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THE Bad News About “Reality”

by Bodwyn Wook


Nature IS brutal & it simply builds up & tears down, as Old Heraclitus wrote.

We are now reaping the inevitable reward incurred by all “successful” species, namely extinction because of our own innate & IRREDEMPTIBLE excesses.

Evolution, in spite of being the preferred plaything today of “rationalists” beating up on religious idiots, probably in & of itself does not mean “progress” because it CAN not mean anything beyond itself.

Fortunately, these (more…)

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Suzy Solidor: Hostess of the Resistance?

par M Wook, gentilhomme et contrefasciste

Suzy Solidor, 1900-83, was a successful French chanteuse, openly polysexual & who owned a nightclub, la Vie Parisienne, that was immensely popular with the upper echelons of the Kraut military during the 1940-4 Occupation.                  

The picture posted here, however, is not of Solidor, herself, but of Franco-Polish artist Tamara de Lempicke, who painted a famous portrait — one of many, including an image by Picasso! — of Solidor & all of which were hung in la Vie Parisienne, not least to awe & just knock over the leering wartime Heinie clientle.artist Tamara de Lempicka -- 062514

Traduced after the war as a collaborator with the Nazis, Suzy Solidor be it remembered superintended a night spot in which the French resistance, members of l’Orchestre Rouge & various rival cutthroat Gestapo & Abwehr gangs played the most intricate & appalling games of espionage against one another. (more…)

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Why Having Jug Ears Mean That You WILL Be Thrown Into The Henhouse By The Cops!

by Chief Constable Bodwyn Wook [retd], Bureau ‘B’, Araminta Station, Cadwal Conservancy, Cadwal Planet


Again, we may see for ourselves from the sallow & unappetising countenance of this most-recent police case the clear stigmata of physical & psycho-social inferiority resulting from genetic damage over generations subsisting on industrial ‘food’:

The jug ears, the expression of moral vacancy, the plain narcissism & corollary inability at this late stage of familial genetic decline for these botched individuals to be able even to learn to (more…)

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On The “Guilty” Innocence Of Man For Climate Change

by B “MISTER Objectivity!” Wook

“Human caused” in the case of climate-change is nothing but a guilt trip curiously akin to that of many of the coarser religions out to “get” The Queers.

Or, somebody….

But, like it or not, Nature is doing this & in “our” sublime masochistic vanity — itself yet another peculiar manifestation of the evolution of neurology! — we merely happen to be around this (more…)

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“…I simply refuse to be made poor by The Poor around me & that Jesus said in the fable always (!) , alas, will be on our hands .”

[B Wook]


The Rich…and the SUPER Rich

by Bodwyn Wook

In short, Science is the heart & soul of many comparatively advanced thinkers’ operating system; that’s good, we all need systems.

However, the latent Either-Or Fallacy that PERSISTS in most systems thus far among many other harms keeps too many people who are trying to operate any system from the necessary quotidian round of INTERNAL maintenance & self-policing.

For one thing, the homeostases of a brainless extroversion that often seem to characterize the more-complex social species make the endless self-decepitions of being “right” no end seductive.

This is important to internalize for any serious worker because over time all systems of thought are superseded; this physical consequence in a present scientific terminology is because of entropy & it is a necessary consequence of the “Big Bang” image of Science. (more…)

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ARE We Being Had By A PHONY “War” Between Religion & Science?


by “Bishop” Wook

Okeh, Boys & Girls…so, NOW, put ON them thinking caps:

BECAUSE…when you calm down & just look CLOSE at the bottomline terminology here…it just REALLY does seem to me that in terms of Evolution AND Religion, when you look real close at him, mankind is a REAL “random” God-damned fiasco! (more…)

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