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A Fantasy of Demon Farts

by B “S Freud” Wook




This fellow plainly has some outré fantasies; as Camille Paglia has

noted, for good or ill men ARE the great psychosexual imaginalists.  I

would only add that the nature & manner of their public persona & the

topics they introduce in their public discourse. all of these taken

together provide vital indices to (more…)

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The REVEALING Refusal To Install “Bird-Safe” Glass In Minneapolis Sports Stadium


by naml al-Haddad


If the Vi-Queens owners can pay out millions APIECE to their collection of Great Apes, then they certainly can TOO (more…)

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Another Example of the Role of ‘Important Activities’ in the Work of the Sufi

by a dervish


Among the manifold Sufi operations across (NB) Time, there are many specifically intended to sideline numbers of ‘The Raw’ & where they are then stabilised around the pursuit of inexistent ‘goals’, and associated activities of the sort simply irrelevant to The Work.

[Bodwyn Wook

[all rights revert to holders

[26 July 2014]



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IS Public Money Spent On Sport In The North Atlantic World ANY LONGER Worth While?

by naml al-Haddad ibn raimund ‘abd al-wug


No…professional sports after WW II were enormously expanded as part of a Sufi operation to (more…)

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The Most Likely ‘By WHOM’ of Putin’s Downfall

posted by Bodwyn Wook

“EU Sanctions Against Russian Elites Could Pose Existential Threat To Putin Regime”

Paul Vale


I will only add supra that in light of a certain wider longterm view & taking into account the definitively LIMITED territorial loyalties of global financial elites, those mutually-rivalrous (NB) Russian oligarchs most likely to give la Putin a boot in the ass WILL be those with the widest & most far-reaching East Asian OR pan-Turkish business-connections & incentives.  [BW]

[Bodwyn Wook

[all rights revert to holders

[23 July 2014]


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‘…A Riddle Wrapped In An Enigma, Concealed In A Mystery….’


by Bodwyn ‘Fu Manchu’ Wook


The writer of the above & as does Mr Harper does NOT quite ‘get it’:

Joseph Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Hirohito all were late-modern militant nationalists.  *

Putin is indeed locked into this same late-modern trope, but, he doubtlessly personally is (more…)

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Malum redux

by Bodwyn Wook


Seventy-one years ago this month, the German SS brutally & horribly destroyed the Warsaw ghetto.  This & the tale of it inescapably lives on in many, minds & it is (more…)

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A Modest Confession

by B “Jonathan Swift” Wook

I truly, truly do NOT miss much of the 1960s North Atlantic world’s pop music of fifty (!) years ago, not really — but THESE young ‘uns make me wish I was young NOW & living in someplace like Switzerland or Slovenia!

Navihanke in Yellow -- 072114


You know what I mean, maybe? 

Christ, it’s just TRUE, listening to that bullshit rock & roll from when I was “young” on these dopey “oldies” stations is mostly an excuse TO THROW UP MY SHOESTRINGS & just plain does (more…)

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skull & crossbones -- 090613Another Day…ANOTHER “Answer” To Life

by Bodwyn Wook

In a comment on this posting below, someone wrote in to say, “Give us all some time here in order to understand the point in this”:


It is kind of the person to have asked & I am glad for the interest in this Death that is so suppressed everywhere among us, but all I can say, really, is that my effusions most usefully will be taken by anyone reading them as no more than so many ports de sortie into the Beyond.

The best result will be if the reader starts to scribble or draw their own “stuff”!

For THE question is, just what are the accumulating fantasies & imaginal things about Death that YOU are laying up in the back of YOUR (more…)

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The…Dreariness of it All

by Bodwyn ‘Henrik Ibsen’ Wook


It is as though all of our Western life has been drowsing with heartburn in a bad late-modern Norwegian domestic reverie for much, much too long; James Thurber, after all & now eighty years ago & more, had (more…)

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