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Who Loves Beyond Love Opens Wide The Gates

by a dervish


In the harsh light of any atrocity & “IF something like the following disappointingly enough feels as if it is pretty resigned, ‘powerless’ & reads as if ‘it is all I can do,’ then let it BE all & in ALL the worlds.”

[Mohammed Nezhmi, Fez, 1979 AD/1399 AH]



After witnessing enough material & bodily horror in the World “as it is,” then some in repudiation of misery may choose to quit eating meat, fish, dairy & so on; this in turn also may (more…)

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“Omnia veram benevolentiam in secretum iugiter fit et tantum in occulto.”

[Winston Gamm ‘abu al-Haq, Institute 97th]

scripsit B Wookem


The normal conflation or misidentification of largely-immiscible “substances” discussed here simply is (more…)

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In the Auction Barn of Time


by dervish ‘Boo Kedheeb


An American Friend on MyBunghole comments about these new RAF bombing raids:

“Dragged into another failed enterprise.”

As an amateur historian of no small salience & power, and as a naqshbandiyya dervish 73rd in Al Muasisa [‘The Institute’ eg — editor], one objectively may only reply:

Too right. 

There are many signs of the halting of the Late Modern age of the Old Atlantic West, including the observable fact that from about 1980, the very APPEARANCE of things stopped (more…)

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Si monumentum requiris, circumspice

[pace Sir Christopher Wren]

scripsit Bodwyn Wook

Historian-emeritus John Lukacs, Hungarian-American (b 1924 in Budapest) & a devout Roman Catholic, considers that we are living at the beginning of the end altogether of three periods in human History, the end of the Christian aeon, the end of the Renaissance civilization of the past five hundred years & the end of the High & Late Modern age of constitution & the bureaucratic nation-state.

In the ebb & flow of the barbarisms that he perceives will characterize the next centuries, Lukacs adds that of course “there will always be Christians” & that the Christian religion WILL endure in small enclaves in the World. 

Anyone who further understands the transformative role especially of meditation & prayer in solitude will not necessarily be dismayed, however:

This is because in fact the Sufis contend that the groundwork is always laid for new cultural & moral developments during these (more…)

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The Discussion Today

“Where NOW, America?”

by B “Pat Buchanan” Wook

A Friend on MyFace posted the following to Us, yesterday:

“I want your opinion of this:
“Perhaps it’s time to cozy up to Iran. Turn our attention away from the fundamentalist Sunni mega royal family of Saudi Arabia, one of the most totalitarian corrupt countries in the world, to the Shia’a dominated Iran. While Iran is no Jeffersonian democracy, it’s citizens certainly have more personal and political freedoms then our Saudi ally. Iran even has several practicing Jews in their parliament. Furthermore, both our countries face a common enemy which is radical Sunni doctrine which is perpetuated by the Saudis. It seems our Congress is blinded by the current right wing government of Israel which all but demands regime change in Iran. Let’s be honest in our negotiation’s over the nuclear issue. We should apologize for participating in the overthrow of Iran’s elected government in the early 1950s and move to restore some semblance of peace with Iran. I know they back Assad in Syria, Hamas, and other unsavory types, but it’s an imperfect world.”

We replied:

Mr N, I think (NB) that the trend of the previous discussion by [three] respondents here shows that there is a very large body of the North American population either indifferent (that MAY be a specimen of “bad” citizenship, but might NOT be as well) to much of the overseas “excitment,” or else opposed to the clear point of seeing the absolute need for (more…)

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Late fluit hic fluvius Tempus nomine

scripsit Bodwyn Wook

Many will have breathed a sigh of relief now that our seemingly dilatory President has ordered our military once again to do what it does best, namely to mount another series of (more…)

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Charles Lindbergh Speaking at 1930s "America First" Rally

Charles Lindbergh Speaking at 1930s “America First” Rally

“Our” Hysterical Self-Proclaimed “Leaders” & THEIR Non-Stop “Emergencies” & The Fatal Hypnosis Of Delusional “Global” Self-Importancy That Is Simply Bullshit & That IS Destroying America

by B “C Lindbergh” Wook

America must right now & for good & all snap OUT of  the “sole superpower” coma.

It is mutual self-deception both of its self-styled “leaders” of themselves, and by them of “the people”.

A mass delusion in History in many ways may be the worst sort lie.

It is actually makes us go on & on sucking our own blood, going bankrupt in hopeless foreign wars & subsidy of huge capital blocs that in the nearer & nearer end of this country will have done nothing whatsoever, neither for the US or the world.

Still worse & “crisis by crisis,” we (more…)

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On Obliging Local Powers To Fight their Own Corner

by B “H Kissinger” Wook


This piece is about the possible management (NB) of regional conflict — by obliging local powers to fight their own corner.

The writer, too, is pretty thorough about setting forth the different ways “balance of powers” in regional terms can be achieved by superintending (NB) so-called “great powers”.

The writer also alludes Turkey’s possible role in the present ME situation in terms of Turkish interests; this is interesting to me as the late Edward, Baron Rom, & I often discussed the sotadic predisposition of (more…)

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Public Service PR & How It Is Done In These Dog (Eat Dog!) Days

by B “Harold Ross” Wook

These “hometown” advertising sheets such as the Gallows City, MN, Free (NOT) Press cum police-news are usually in the hands of away owners & so on. 

Locally, then, they very often are run in some or, more-and-more, ALL departments online by (more…)

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MORE Climate-Change Panic

by B ‘C Darwin’ Wook


‘MY advice to the “super rich” is to put “your” illegitmate fiat “money” to work on finding ways for yourselves off the planet, either in von Neuman probes….

‘Or, by swapping your distinctly unattractive minds & characters onto Dr Hawking’s electromagnetic scale & AWAY from this messy (!) molecularity.’

[Bodwyn Wook]


This is panic & (im!)pure hype. 

What is going on is simply natural — including, of course, OUR flawed species’ knack for (more…)

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