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CHIEF Constable Bodwyn Wook [retd] served for many years in 'Bureau B' of the Cadwal Conservancy, based on Araminta Station. As Chief Constable and IPCC-Affiliate, CC Wook directed the successful renewal of the Naturalist Society Charter against a renegade cabal of IPF-ers ['Independence, Peace & Freedom' factionalists; or, 'peefers']. As a result, Cadwal Planet continues 'to-day' to be preserved as a Conservancy of the [Old Earth] Naturalist Society. Upon retirement, CC Wook took advantage of new breakthroughs in the technology of the Jarnell Intersplit to be re-incarnated [/sic/] as a man of the final decades of the late-modern age [Gaean era]. CC Wook was born into his present embodiment in 1949 AD/CE; and, he lives among us as a completely unexceptionable example of late-modern european-american man. Now, just past the middle of the second decade of the [so far] inadequately-called 'post-modern' age, CC Wook has come forward in his role of an amateur historian of some force and salience, to offer his guidance in our understanding of the looming advent of post-human and post-terran awareness. In the days ahead you may very well find CC Wook's insights and commentary instructive and enjoyable; and, your responses to the work of the gentleman are most sincerely and courteously invited. [/NB/: Those who may wish to learn more of CC Wook's 'previous' career are invited to direct their attention to the writings of future-historian Mr Jack Vance; most notably his trilogy 'Araminta Station', the first volume of which was published in 1988 AD/CE.]

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