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Rursus est Pan deus magnus mortuus  *

scripsit B Wooki


In the rejection email, [the representative of the Norwegian employer wrote]:

“The Norse background of most of the guys at the management level means that we are not a Christian organization, and most of us actually  see Christianity as having destroyed our culture, tradition and way of life.”

The new cultural & spiritual aeon now coming in in effect makes “satanic” the sacred images & shibboleths of the preceding setup.

This is an interesting phenomenon & it has indeed been seen before in the long beat of the SUCCESSION of cultures.

Another precursor of “the Age of Aquarius” now indeed on us & one that many of us will resist angrily even seeing clearly, one symptomatic of this SAME demonization, only now of the “One God,” is to be found in (more…)

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“Get ready…get READ-Y!”

[James Thurber]

by B “C Darwin” Wook


Most of all, those of us who can remain calm in the face of the collapse of this latest (NB) biosphere probably will make the best choices out of the remorselessly FEW options now left.

For with any sort of REAL luck, the present “dominant species” on this world WILL be (more…)

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Si monumentum requiris, circumspice

[pace Sir Christopher Wren]

scripsit Bodwyn Wook

Historian-emeritus John Lukacs, Hungarian-American (b 1924 in Budapest) & a devout Roman Catholic, considers that we are living at the beginning of the end altogether of three periods in human History, the end of the Christian aeon, the end of the Renaissance civilization of the past five hundred years & the end of the High & Late Modern age of constitution & the bureaucratic nation-state.

In the ebb & flow of the barbarisms that he perceives will characterize the next centuries, Lukacs adds that of course “there will always be Christians” & that the Christian religion WILL endure in small enclaves in the World. 

Anyone who further understands the transformative role especially of meditation & prayer in solitude will not necessarily be dismayed, however:

This is because in fact the Sufis contend that the groundwork is always laid for new cultural & moral developments during these (more…)

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Charles Lindbergh Speaking at 1930s "America First" Rally

Charles Lindbergh Speaking at 1930s “America First” Rally

“Our” Hysterical Self-Proclaimed “Leaders” & THEIR Non-Stop “Emergencies” & The Fatal Hypnosis Of Delusional “Global” Self-Importancy That Is Simply Bullshit & That IS Destroying America

by B “C Lindbergh” Wook

America must right now & for good & all snap OUT of  the “sole superpower” coma.

It is mutual self-deception both of its self-styled “leaders” of themselves, and by them of “the people”.

A mass delusion in History in many ways may be the worst sort lie.

It is actually makes us go on & on sucking our own blood, going bankrupt in hopeless foreign wars & subsidy of huge capital blocs that in the nearer & nearer end of this country will have done nothing whatsoever, neither for the US or the world.

Still worse & “crisis by crisis,” we (more…)

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“HOW Bad Is It, G’ampa?”

by Former Farmer Smith




“A country & a Constitution RUINED by leftists & war-lovers & GLOBAL arms corporations, by their AMALGAMATED last-gasp travesty of ‘helping professionalism’!” 

[Bodwyn Wook]


This for Christ’s sakes altogether IS the last distorted gasp of the Progessive idea of “professional credentials”. 

So, just what DO we have on our hands today?

A professional, or “No Win,” Army with lots of gear on the tactical side & yet almost incapable of conducting directed & PURPOSEFUL operations on any “ground” whatsoever.

An Army right now for all practical circumstances in the SAME position as the French army, on 9 May 1940…

A so-called “World Class” military NOW  falling through Space & Time on the eve of the Chinese Century…

And all that because of a probably ALL-now-defunct “grand strategy” that does not serve the American “sole superpower” political drool, because such a patchwork of “management projects” CAN not…

Leaving us EXACTLY in the same condition as a bankrupt (NB) post-WW II England that instead of building a NEW industrial basis, pissed away most of the Marshall Plan money on (more…)

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Well, We ALL Are “Safer”…For Now…Anyway…I Guess….

by Bodwyn Wook


Today as a result of US actions in the Middle East “America is safer” says President Obama.

It is because of the actions of “our military, AND [President’s emphasis – editor] counter-terrorism professionals”.

Seems to me, though, that there is no such thing as being “a little bit pregnant”.

And, whenever you hear the wornout term “professional” used in our completely new Postmodern historical situation, understand that this frantic reliance on stale shibboleths IS the (more…)

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Katia Zatuliveter -- 090714Katia…You Were Meant For ME

by Sir Bodwyn Wook, KCB, OBE, SOB cet etc



If Mom had not deep-sixed the Old Man’s plans to send me to his old school in Yorkshire back in the good old John Profumo-Christine Keeler days, and then onto Cambridge, why…I, and NOT this obese LibDem scoundrel, Mr Michael Cockinhand, should have gotten to do the ‘scandal thing’ now in MY well-earned old age in Parliament with this undoubtedly charming & slavophone young person.

There simply is no ‘justice’ in this hellish pesthole of existence & nor not even of the poetic variety….

‘[The panel] concluded that Ms Zatuliveter’s “rapid consummation of affairs” with powerful older men, including a Nato diplomat and a Dutch diplomat, were genuine and not directed by the Russian Intelligence Service.’

[Bodwyn Wook

[all rights revert to holders

[14 August 2014]

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Those Who Are Excluded

by ‘abd al-‘abru


Virtually the same personality type(s) in all cultures & countries & successive generations (more…)

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pene caput suum supra terra fugit…et veritate ambulare

scripsit B ‘S Augustinus’ Wook


The dark curse of anachronistic late-modern state-subsidised Credential Professionalism rears yet once again its scabby & somewhat-psoriatic pecker head.

Be that as it may & in clear view of the entire collapse everywhere around us of the Late Modern University & Professional Order, it should come as but a blinding glimpse of the obvious that from now & henceforward our secrets shall be ALL the more & simply (more…)

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The REVEALING Refusal To Install “Bird-Safe” Glass In Minneapolis Sports Stadium


by naml al-Haddad


If the Vi-Queens owners can pay out millions APIECE to their collection of Great Apes, then they certainly can TOO (more…)

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