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An English Detective

‘Nightjack’ is eloquent about the vacant procedural Hell of post-modern English policing and a sometimes-lunatic Crown Prosecution Service, as well as the grinding battle to keep down as much as possible the English, or ‘British’, state-clientised criminal classes of to-day:


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PC Pinkstone

Police Constable Pinkstone writes passionately of the unclassifiable feelings that accompany UK policing today — and not only of the unrelieved monotony of the eternally and miserably uncreative crimes and outrages, mainly of a clientised post-modern under class:


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A comparative journal by a working PC, of the horrors (criminal AND bureaucratic) of UK & Canadian policing:


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An Englishman’s Castle

Even in the horrid toils of the Nanny State of the UK sneering therapeutic classes, with all of the random brownian motion of ‘helping professionalism’, mainly helping itself in the usual post-modern way to large wads of the public treasure and running amok generally, the libertarian spirit is well, and very well!


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The Landed Underclass

Believe it or not, in post-modern ‘Britain’…an English Libertarian!


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