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Late fluit hic fluvius Tempus nomine

scripsit Bodwyn Wook

Many will have breathed a sigh of relief now that our seemingly dilatory President has ordered our military once again to do what it does best, namely to mount another series of (more…)

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Public Service PR & How It Is Done In These Dog (Eat Dog!) Days

by B “Harold Ross” Wook

These “hometown” advertising sheets such as the Gallows City, MN, Free (NOT) Press cum police-news are usually in the hands of away owners & so on. 

Locally, then, they very often are run in some or, more-and-more, ALL departments online by (more…)

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skull & crossbones -- 090613

by Bodwyn Wook

Death, with whom I’ve been getting on terms lately, is rather informative (as well being surprisingly full of jokes & laughter!).

As I, just another one of his doomed objects of course, get closer with him, he really likes to let on about more & more.

“I mean, YOU at least talk to me…so why shouldn’t I spill a little?  It’s just that (more…)

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A Fantasy of Demon Farts

by B “S Freud” Wook




This fellow plainly has some outré fantasies; as Camille Paglia has

noted, for good or ill men ARE the great psychosexual imaginalists.  I

would only add that the nature & manner of their public persona & the

topics they introduce in their public discourse. all of these taken

together provide vital indices to (more…)

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A Modest Confession

by B “Jonathan Swift” Wook

I truly, truly do NOT miss much of the 1960s North Atlantic world’s pop music of fifty (!) years ago, not really — but THESE young ‘uns make me wish I was young NOW & living in someplace like Switzerland or Slovenia!

Navihanke in Yellow -- 072114


You know what I mean, maybe? 

Christ, it’s just TRUE, listening to that bullshit rock & roll from when I was “young” on these dopey “oldies” stations is mostly an excuse TO THROW UP MY SHOESTRINGS & just plain does (more…)

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ME Senator Olympia Snowe -- 070714

CAN She Lead Us In THE Long Bitter Struggle NOW Facing A Generation?


by Bodwyn “Scrooge McDuck” Wook

This piece linked below appears in some online digitwit shrieksheet or the other & the question seemingly is STILL not answered, DOES Olympia Snowe even want to run for the Presidency?


(Perhaps the somewhat gassy writeup is being floated by some of Snowe’s prospective “handlers,” as a matter of running the idea up the flagpole to see who salutes, something in itself, if so, that is a bad sign.) (more…)

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THE ‘Final’ Triumph of the Willful?

by Bodwyn Wook


‘Choice’, like ‘markets’ & Sin, is always present in the human social equation:

To ban anything simply means the chain-of-provision will 1)  re-arrange itself & 2)  with correspondingly higher rewards for providers willing to take on the self-referential ire of the Interfering Classes, the police & other ‘helping professionals’.

The poor by definition & as Jesus said in the fable will always be (more…)

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On The “Guilty” Innocence Of Man For Climate Change

by B “MISTER Objectivity!” Wook

“Human caused” in the case of climate-change is nothing but a guilt trip curiously akin to that of many of the coarser religions out to “get” The Queers.

Or, somebody….

But, like it or not, Nature is doing this & in “our” sublime masochistic vanity — itself yet another peculiar manifestation of the evolution of neurology! — we merely happen to be around this (more…)

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“I’d As Lief It Be Retired…”

by B “Vince Lombardi” Wook


It IS hard to put up with the rather nonstop officious meddling of today by an acculturated & indeed “lite” Supervisory Credentialate & that whose rulings “from on high” in any case do NOT mean that “The People,” a LOT of extraordinarily stupid loathsome digiteers, have changed their low-end “wants,” become more kindly & so forth.

On the other hand, the Washington Redskins image is so perfectly ghastly & the very type of Low Art that it DOES attest what Old Mencken called “the American libido for the ugly”.

So, quite apart from Indian feelings in the matter — these in fact as an entirely human matter ARE now political & they may be factitious at least on the part of some, but probably not all, Indian political personalites — should I ever go abroad again, as a mere White man I, personnally, do NOT want this sort of thing floating in the back of the minds of the foreigners about me as an Americano, during our encounters then.

So I’d as lief it be retired — AND retained in the artistic archive & catalog of The General Trashy Shittiness Of Mankind (and “His” parade of Baboon Women!)

[Bodwyn Wook

[all rights revert to holders

[18 June 2017]

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They Jabbered AWAY Right at the Edge of the Pit Of Hell & ALL the Way Down

by Bodwyn Wook




‘This vile rubbish about a “positive” old age is a barrel FULL of well-rotted piss & it IS the very type of epistemological swill that has made the whole 1946-64 crew into such a Christawful God-damned BUST!’

[B Wook]


Myself a Baby Bumster of the morally low statistical type, I quite do think that by now in the strangeness of old age, we must be careful NOT to keep clinging at (more…)

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