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In the Auction Barn of Time


by dervish ‘Boo Kedheeb


An American Friend on MyBunghole comments about these new RAF bombing raids:

“Dragged into another failed enterprise.”

As an amateur historian of no small salience & power, and as a naqshbandiyya dervish 73rd in Al Muasisa [‘The Institute’ eg — editor], one objectively may only reply:

Too right. 

There are many signs of the halting of the Late Modern age of the Old Atlantic West, including the observable fact that from about 1980, the very APPEARANCE of things stopped (more…)

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The Discussion Today

“Where NOW, America?”

by B “Pat Buchanan” Wook

A Friend on MyFace posted the following to Us, yesterday:

“I want your opinion of this:
“Perhaps it’s time to cozy up to Iran. Turn our attention away from the fundamentalist Sunni mega royal family of Saudi Arabia, one of the most totalitarian corrupt countries in the world, to the Shia’a dominated Iran. While Iran is no Jeffersonian democracy, it’s citizens certainly have more personal and political freedoms then our Saudi ally. Iran even has several practicing Jews in their parliament. Furthermore, both our countries face a common enemy which is radical Sunni doctrine which is perpetuated by the Saudis. It seems our Congress is blinded by the current right wing government of Israel which all but demands regime change in Iran. Let’s be honest in our negotiation’s over the nuclear issue. We should apologize for participating in the overthrow of Iran’s elected government in the early 1950s and move to restore some semblance of peace with Iran. I know they back Assad in Syria, Hamas, and other unsavory types, but it’s an imperfect world.”

We replied:

Mr N, I think (NB) that the trend of the previous discussion by [three] respondents here shows that there is a very large body of the North American population either indifferent (that MAY be a specimen of “bad” citizenship, but might NOT be as well) to much of the overseas “excitment,” or else opposed to the clear point of seeing the absolute need for (more…)

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On Obliging Local Powers To Fight their Own Corner

by B “H Kissinger” Wook


This piece is about the possible management (NB) of regional conflict — by obliging local powers to fight their own corner.

The writer, too, is pretty thorough about setting forth the different ways “balance of powers” in regional terms can be achieved by superintending (NB) so-called “great powers”.

The writer also alludes Turkey’s possible role in the present ME situation in terms of Turkish interests; this is interesting to me as the late Edward, Baron Rom, & I often discussed the sotadic predisposition of (more…)

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A New Caliphate?

by Bodwyn Wook

‘…[I]f History be any guide at all, the re-stabilisation of a significant period of historical time most likely will rise from within the intellectual & imaginal resources that dwell under the great dome of islamic culture.’ 

[Bodwyn Wook]




The emergence for the next century or so of a new centripetal islamic Caliphate cannot be ruled out.

Naturally, to acknowledge the possibility is unnerving for the political & professional classes of the Old Atlantic West; such a development with its patently reactionary trope, above all in the practise of religion in the World, is after a more absolute sign from History than any (more…)

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The Next World War, 1914 & 2014 Compared

by Admiral Wook, Lord Bodwyn of Jutland, RN [retd]


The question glaringly omitted in the above is just what kind of wild ideas may various COMPETING (more…)

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Malum redux

by Bodwyn Wook


Seventy-one years ago this month, the German SS brutally & horribly destroyed the Warsaw ghetto.  This & the tale of it inescapably lives on in many, minds & it is (more…)

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A Note on Terms in Our Initial Historical Analysis of the Constitutional Failure of the ‘Security State’

by Bodwyn “Noam Korzybski” Wook


Properly speaking, a ‘security state’ would indeed guarantee the constitutional rights of the people [Philip bobbitt, qv — ed]; that, indeed, is its ONLY means of self-legitimation.

However, what is emerging to-day is, perhaps, the last declension of the ideal form of ‘governance’ sought a century ago by Progressives. (more…)

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‘…Old Churchill was very wrong to have said — of Stanley Baldwin — “it would have been better if he never lived”‘. [B Wook]


On the Great Moral Problem of Personal Truthfulness of Members of ‘Elites’ to Themselves

by Bodwyn Wook


The great moral problem for the anachronistic Late Modern credentialled orders that still ‘think’ of themselves as effective & worthy honestiores is that they are so insulated on all sides by stale self-referential ‘peer group’ gibble-gabble.

Objectively speaking, to the Postmodern historian, this is perhaps the most dire consequence of their long-ago conditioning, or ‘education’, in youth that no single one of them as a rule ever may be expected to break out of the collective trance. (more…)

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THE Sufi Lesson To Be Learned In Iraq

by B Wook


THE background to US failure abroad & in all quarters since the end of 1989 rests in the history of late-modern Progressivism, its rise & fall throughout the Old Atlantic West.

Progressive service professionalism was a great breakthrough especially in education, socialwork, medicine & in great American cities and in fact it broke the back of the old entrenched corruption of the New Immigration political bosses.

But, like all human constructions it, too, had a great Shadow on it, namely that of the eternal (more…)

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“To anyone with a saving ironic sense, the invariable collapse of every human group into the form of its opponent is pretty funny, in a dreary way….” [B Wook]

NOW & The Historical Fate Of The GOP

by B Wook Mirror Polishing Service, LL C


The National Organization Of Women objectively has fallen into the mire of “advocacy” that in effect enunciates NEW sexisms.

This reflects an historical principle:

ALL human groupings as they become long in the tooth are eaten up by the inevitable (NB) accumulation of “internal contradictions”.

Hypocrisy, ie.

In EXACTLY the same way, the GOP — formerly a conservative party — has to-day become the tool of an internationalizing class of basically stateless personalities, now funded with Chinese money.

[B Wook

[all rights revert to holders

[13 June 2014]

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