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Americans On The Rocks & With NO Notion Of How To Dress & Act

by Bodwyn Wook


When late-historical civilisations & their individual societies all rather uniformly ARE on the rocks of History, there comes a point when none of the lash-ups any longer, collectively or individually, CAN of themselves pull back from the dionysian precipice.

And, still less can any ukase from ‘on high’ compell the canaille to abandon the undoubtedly ‘pleb’ delights of their frothing intoxicating gutters.

WE, however, raised these young ‘uns & so it is “too late to bitch about it now,” in the perceptive American phrase. (more…)


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“…[T]he whole co-‘educational’ affair of today CAN not be anything other than a behavioral sink.”  [Bodwyn Wook] 


by B “M Foucault” Wook, Ph D


The historical vanishment of initiatory ceremonies of any convincing emotional impact at all for the young throughout the 500-year North Atlantic Modern Age now over leaves us without religion; wholly dependent for any moral sense of Self on the kind of scientific “reason” that gave us the A-bomb & Zyklon-B; and — since WW II & the advent of Playboy — saturated in a relentless flood of ever-more-virulent & hysterical pornography.

Accordingly, our female children form the childish habit from childhood of parading in public more-or-less naked, themselves all so many young women now for all seasons & with not one single notion between a thousand even of them that Lust is a profound & sometimes terrible spirit.

And, our male children wander with their drawers hanging from the waistbands at their knees in a coma of (more…)

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The…Dreariness of it All

by Bodwyn ‘Henrik Ibsen’ Wook


It is as though all of our Western life has been drowsing with heartburn in a bad late-modern Norwegian domestic reverie for much, much too long; James Thurber, after all & now eighty years ago & more, had (more…)

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DWI Daze 2014 In The South (Of Minnesota)

by Former Farmer Wook

*****Festag 2014 -- 071614

“There were but two men in a crowd of maybe thirteen hundred that
were actually handsome, only one young woman an unalloyed
pleasure to see & no old women of merit.”  [BW]


We were at one of the little town DWI Daze brawls hereabouts last night; the young ‘uns parade & fling themselves on one another in a state of unselfconscious semi-nudity & have no evident idea of any particular restraint.  This is deemed “freedom”.  Especially they are loose now & never even heard of of church, superstition & any such “harmful” inhibition at all, at all.  But, there being no longer any Devil in Hell to award punishment as part of the necessary cycle, there now ARE Therapists On The Make.  One suspects that these include lots (!) of botched resentful, the crypto-puritanical & bona fidedly asexual who really are worried about the Shadow on too much “free” sexuality & yet have no ACTUAL historical or cultural understanding.  So, they stand ever-ready to rope in “guilty” males (not called “men” NO more!) & their “raped” & indeed misused prey.  (The other thing is that even the young seem curiously more deformed than did we going through our Rut Years so long ago; and nor is it only the muchness of Obesity.  the puffed weird slant of many faces, the set of the agate eyes, the proportions of arse to ankles & hip, all of it is so often “off,” now.  And, the rat-like twisted faces of the gaunt lank young males with their squawking & underslung chins & noses like twisted bits of stonework all-too-evidently must be, by now, 2nd-generation Crack & Ritalin babies.  At least a half-dozen of the little females & including at least one of the little town visiting “queens”  lugged & drug palid infants of their own & MDPIC remarked that “the old ones OUR age actually look like they’ve ALL been ridden way too hard!” 

There were but two men in a crowd of maybe thirteen hundred that were actually handsome, only one young woman an unalloyed pleasure to see & no old women of merit.

[Bodwyn Wook

[all rights revert to holders

[17 July 2014]

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Faith In Life…”Faith” In The State

by B “O Spengler” Wook


This is but another aspect of the situation that must surely arise in History in ANY late period characterized by the “relativization of values”.  *

Over time, of course, the emotionally convincing transcendent function of the original majority spirituality & its religious expression NECESSARILY has to fade.

This is because of the inbuilt accumulation of Marx’s “internal contradictions” [Hypocrisy, eg — ed] that overcomes ANY human system & people’s understandable disappointment & rejection thereat.

The seeming breakthrough chance now (more…)

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New Digitrash


by B “Pull UP Your Socks!” Wook


At a guess, THIS latest below-the-belt gag MAY just be better, better ANYWAY than those packs of lead fishing sinkers that “they” still (!) sell to us guys up here in Minnesota, to wear in heavier-and-heavier bags full of everyday, tied with baler twine to dangle from our limp pricks in order “to get BIGGER!” (more…)

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Love Is STILL Where You Find It

by B Wook, Quondam Dervish & Misanthrope


Love in fact is STILL where you find it, that IS the message of much of these cases AND, ironically enough, of all the really great literature about it — and, so, BOTH unbearably trashy episode & unutterably High Art must deal after — inevitably — & wallow for whole lifetimes IN the sometimes-bitter trouble caused by onlooking, censorious & just maybe sourly-jealous halfwits. (more…)

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