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Who Loves Beyond Love Opens Wide The Gates

by a dervish


In the harsh light of any atrocity & “IF something like the following disappointingly enough feels as if it is pretty resigned, ‘powerless’ & reads as if ‘it is all I can do,’ then let it BE all & in ALL the worlds.”

[Mohammed Nezhmi, Fez, 1979 AD/1399 AH]



After witnessing enough material & bodily horror in the World “as it is,” then some in repudiation of misery may choose to quit eating meat, fish, dairy & so on; this in turn also may (more…)

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“Omnia veram benevolentiam in secretum iugiter fit et tantum in occulto.”

[Winston Gamm ‘abu al-Haq, Institute 97th]

scripsit B Wookem


The normal conflation or misidentification of largely-immiscible “substances” discussed here simply is (more…)

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Two Worlds, Two Moralities

by a dervish


The morality of the individual & the morality of power as a rule are rather different; this furthermore is irremediable because of the problem of (more…)

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Greed & Blindness

by A Dervish


How MUCH on average do these ranks & tiers of “university” misadministrators suck down apiece AND in total per year, anyway?

I perceive that if we had all the numbers, it would become clear that these “helping professional” gentry indeed have been helping themselves & riding high IN EXCESS of (more…)

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alchimia renatus

scripsit ‘abd al-mazhik


A consequence little unanticipated of a so-called ‘death’ of so-called ‘privacy’ as yet may be the resurrection for further development of an actual self-standing domain of Privacy.

This domain consists in the ENTIRE internalisation of the imaginal condition by some creative workers & perhaps now, again, shall come to prevail once more over many generations.

This cultural change in our creative circumstances, a matter perhaps of interest to some historians, in turn may prove precursory to a return to the unfinished (NB) cultural business of (more…)

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Sufi malamatiyya, or 'deliberate wrong-doer' -- 080214The Role of Deliberate Wrong-doing

by ‘abd al-ghush


This individual is a classic instance of the Sufi malamatiyya, or ‘Deliberate Wrong-Doer’, whose operations under the rubric of The Institute [al-muasisa, ie — editor]  *  over the long-term in fact work to reveal to some of their repentent devotees the depths of their delusional situation.

In a handful of these instances moreover, Sufis historically have been able to recruit truly brilliant dervishes from among the more-abashed penitents to survive & outgrow these essentially cult-like activities.

* — For more on the functions of The Institute, interested readers should consult especially the foot-notes in the 5-volume Demon Princes series, by the prominent dervish & future-historian, Mr Jack Vance (pbuh).

[Bodwyn Wook

[all rights revert to holders

[2 August 2014]

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Another Example of the Role of ‘Important Activities’ in the Work of the Sufi

by a dervish


Among the manifold Sufi operations across (NB) Time, there are many specifically intended to sideline numbers of ‘The Raw’ & where they are then stabilised around the pursuit of inexistent ‘goals’, and associated activities of the sort simply irrelevant to The Work.

[Bodwyn Wook

[all rights revert to holders

[26 July 2014]



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IS Public Money Spent On Sport In The North Atlantic World ANY LONGER Worth While?

by naml al-Haddad ibn raimund ‘abd al-wug


No…professional sports after WW II were enormously expanded as part of a Sufi operation to (more…)

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On The Possibly ABSOLUTE Evolutionary Value Of The Mosquito

by Bodwyn Wook


This is not necessarily ‘bad’ if Nature once again must abate a ‘successful’ dominant species now grown excessive.  I mean ourselves.  Forget the hysterical (!) yelps for the immature (NB) misuse of (more…)

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fugit pulchritudo


There is an eternal realm called Style that the unending generations that come to dwell therein soon learn they are doomed to traverse swiftly; and, they do so gladly even while on the sharp edge of tears, always at their eye-edges, at the dolcent fugacity in it all.

[Bodwyn Wook

[all rights revert to holders

[8 July 2014]

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