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Max Hastings on the Legacy of the 1982 Falklands War

posted by B Wook

This BBC 2012 thirtieth anniversary documentary, narrated by Max Hastings, in many respects does approach successfully the outer limits possible, of the nuanced interpretation of an event in History possible to a primarily visual medium:


     On this root question of actual historical understanding, I’ve two (more…)

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English [‘British’ — ed] National Archive Records Available On-Line

by B Wook

Genealogists & other historical researchers may welcome this information, namely that files of the English [‘British’ — ed] Public Record Office are now (more…)

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Steamlocomotive dot Com

If you are like me, this will probably your FIRST stop whenever you sit down to a session of steam railroading:


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All I can say about the Internet Archive is that you must explore this one for yourself! 


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Ultimate Steam page

A good source for links to the technical side of steam railroading:


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This link is to the 5AT steam locomotive project, now underway in England:


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Robin Barnes’ web site must be seen to be believed…and, he is the grand protagonist of a NEW steam railway age, too:


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