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Gigantic Hell-Bending Salamanders Haunt Postmodern Diseased Dreams Of Objectively God-Damned Hangtown-Area Mankato, MN, So-Called “Whites”

by Bodwyn Wook

Beast Or Fish -- 120313I expect that THESE little bitties gave rise to the hellish images that haunted the dreams of the guilty descendants of the 1862 White generation; and, especially those of the heirs & assigns of what Leona Magly, born in 1901 in the Old Eagle Lake Road, called “the old Germans” of her grandparents’ day:

Of revengeful Indian warriors, riding “huge, Hell-bending salamanders limned in flames in vast pearly halls beneath the channel of the [Mankato] river”.


Some of course, firmly grounded in the scientific superstitions of the Late Modern, would doubt the integrity & worth of any “visions”:


But, then, even one so devout a rationalist as I, myself, was brought low by the superstitious 1984 neo-Postmodern chattering in the powwow sweatlodge!


[Bodwyn Wook

[all rights reserved

[3 December 2013]

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More Fallout From The So-Called “Curse on Mankato”

by B Wook

Hangtown Mankato, MN, soybean smelter -- 101413[photo of Hangtown Ravine Nuclear Plant copyrighted 2013 by Shadycat Eyes-That-Glow-In-The-Dark Press]

Another aspect of the so-called “Curse on Mankato” — it is alleged to have arisen out of the hanging of the Indians here on 26 December 1862, after the Indian War of the previous Summer — is that folks, if anything, are even (more…)

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The Curse on Old Hangtown Mankato, MN -- 090213

The Curse on Old Hangtown Mankato, MN

by the descendant of a pioneer

The attics under their rotting Mansard rooves in Old Mankato, there below the bluffs, conceal many (more…)

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Explanatory Note

by A Dervish

About the preceeding post, a note of explanation is in order.  It is generally understood throughout the wide range of Sufi schools and operations that a certain ratio of the Wise to the general human population is critical.  It is reliably calculated that there must be at a minimum one worker per two hundred thousand.  This figure is generally taught fairly early on in all current schools.  (As an exercise, those who so choose may work out the numbers for themselves, for example in terms of the total current population on earth, in your home country or community, church or profession, and so forth.  Whatever.)  Now these may be “workers” at any level on the public (Zahiriyya) side of our spiritual totem pole in (more…)

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by Benny Raymond

At the slight, brief soft touch of her fingerends as she placed the change into my palm, a few warm pennies in to the cup of my hand, no bills, I decided all at once that I remembered right now, right on the spot – it was in a flicker of lightning just then through the tall windows of the ultragourmand and postmodern, new, grocerystore — what it had been like once upon a time, all at once only forty-five years ago now, to fall in love.  “Gaw-dess,” I murmured absently and then shook myself:
     “Errm…aw, thanks lots!”
     The demure sales associate in her bowlcut thick cap of very dark and rich and heavy, gleaming and glossy, hair of lustrous sable shot with highlights from the arc lighting high overhead in the cavernous grocery, made me a kind of up-from-under half-smile.  For that full tenth of a second I hoped I was not making a senectuous and jaded kind of vile leer, nor any rictus otherwise limiculous, in return as I gazed into her brown, brown eyes.  They sparkled in all the glitter of all that booming market all around us.  They were wise moreover, as wise as all our daughters’ eyes, seeing the wide World dangerously, and confidently, through small narrow horizontal pebbles of diamantine polished (more…)

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by Benny Raymond

Below is a photograph from the Summer-after-next.  The careful reader will take this only for what it is worth.  It is simply another example of the minor phenomena of temporal porosity that can occur, and do frequently, in the wake of successfully concluded Sufi operations.

     It is not in itself intrinsic or in any sense “miraculous”. 
     It is merely an eddy, a condensation trail, or the effect of the release of a certain quanta of mental or imaginal energy in the collective human mind at the close of the late-modern age.  This was effected by the worker Idries Shah (pbuh) in the course of (more…)

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“Even Your Collective Mental Hygiene Is Impacted Eleven Times Over!”

by Hamid al-Midelti

122808 1910 T d B City panorama c

[Mr al-Midelti is a Moroccan communal sanitarian and graduate student in Mental Health & Social Hygiene Studies, in the Department of Public Liberalism of the Exxon-Mobil New School For Mandated Social Transformation, at the Minnesota State Teachers College & University (MSTC & U) at Terre de Bleu City.  His focus is psychic epidemic with especial reference to the “trigger-effect” of “constellations of vendetta-conflict” in local folklore.  It is a phenomenon, Mr al-Midelti says, that must be understood urgently, as in his native Morocco today there are similar happenings to those described below.  These often feed the periodic outbreaks of religious terrorism in the Muslim world, claims Mr al-Midelti, and his goal as a professional public psychic hygienist is to find a remedy.  “Whether this may come down to mass sedation of the drinking water, or special discharges of aerosols by airplane regularly, I cannot say as yet.  Alors…your Terre de Bleu City pathological situation offers a wonderful living laboratory to (more…)

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How Bad Is It?

by Milo Mock

[With apologies to Mark Steel on BBC ‘Radio 4’, and various residents of Walsall, England — ed]

“How bad IS the curse on Mankato, Grampa?”

“Well, Sluggo, it’s like this, I bet if you was to go look in the unpublished stories by A Little House On The Prairie author Laura Ingalls Wilder, you’d dang sure find one that starts like this:
     “‘One day, Laura got told to (more…)

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by A Dervish

The following link should help to explain the science of vortices (‘ilm al-durdurat) at stake in the case of Mankato, Minnesota, and their bad effect on the unstable and immature personalities there.  As horrid as it is, Mankato is NOT an anomaly nor is it the only “repulsive hole” on this earth where absolutely anything that can, will go badly:


[Nejmi Mohammed     /all rights reserved/      19 March 2009]

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by Sawyer Martin

Any so-called Indian fantasy must just be that, of a bottomless gulf or void beneath the very basin of the muddy Minnesota, above Old Mankato rotting in its downstream postmodern stupor.  And, furthermore, the claim that (more…)

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