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20 October 2007

Happy Valley Incinerator & County Valve,
1313 S 13th St,
Happy Valley,
To the Editor:
Professor Yazzi of this place and my friend Tom Maertens are (more…)

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15 October 2007

Terre de Bleu Sump & Augur,
1313-1/2 South 2nd St,
Blue Clay City,

Dear Editor Schluckbebier, this is just a personal note, when I plunked for columnist Dionne it wasn’t to imply I’m some Big Liberal or (more…)

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Prime Time

21 September 2007

Squawbunion County Ram & Terre de Bleu City Daily Clyster,
1313 Septicaemia Street,

TO The Editor:

THE Delightful photograph of Mr O J Simpson smirking in your pages like an old but fit chimpanzee, in the style of Mr (more…)

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Another Dud!

[MR Jonah Goldberg would appear to be another new arrival amongst soi-disant conservative commentors in the american press.  Alas, he is less erudite than Mr Will; but, if anything, exceeds that gentleman in a veering & and unconstitutional, altogether-adroit, inconsistency. — Ed]

                                                   16 August 2007

Mankato Valve & Nipple,
MN                56001

To The Editor:

To Jonah Goldberg on his “uncommon” criminality (more…)

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by Raul Pons

MANY Of us continue to feel that government “ought to be” a tool for our common betterment. 

HOWEVER, Today, we must ask ourselves if just maybe (more…)

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by Bodwyn Wook

THE Following article in The Guardian:


generated the following (more…)

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by Emmett R Smith

[THE Following by me first appeared in slightly abbreviated form in May, in a UK weblog — ERS]  

BY ‘Multi-culturalism’ what we are discussing, of course, is state-liberalist and hyper-credentiallised, subsidised, policy multi-culturalism.

POLICY Multi-culturalism is a very-late-modern political creature spawned of the ephemeral literature of a certain range of academic- and public-opinion.  It is flawed in that only incidentally does it reflect popular opinion and public mood, and when reproved for this flaw its formulators speak of their (sic)  ‘leadership-role’ in society, of ‘moving forward’ and ‘progress’ and, otherwise, give ample proof in cant and incantation of shibboleth that they — politicians and policy-makers and civil-servants — one-and-all have succumbed to the power-temptation and are carried away by millenial self-congratulation.

HOWEVER, Be it in the nature of social man ever to seek to get over on the others, equally social man resents these pretensions directed as against himself and especially when these are described in lies about  ‘for his own good’ and ‘the hygiene of our streets’.  It is one thing to be the SD-man and einsatzgruppenfuehrer and a far different matter to be the gypsy or mujik in the pit, whereas all I may say about any of that is to be ware! of the notorious (more…)

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by Bodwyn Wook

THE Following letter was occasioned by the dose of silliness in the following ‘link’:


To The Editor,
THE (Manchester) GUARDIAN

TO Whom & cet:

NO Analogies in history are exact, as between past and present situations.

ACTUALLY, I think now to perceive that — lurking behind the made-for-Tee Vee ‘terror war’ — there is a good argument to be made for the idea that globalising ‘neo-cons’ in a host of ways are acting like a load of WW II Tojo-Japanese!

AND, In this scenario, mahometan bomb-outrages are only (more…)

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by Emmett  Smith

THE Following speaks for itself in the light of recent events, in which by all accounts the local “interagency” constabulary got a little too wrapped up in the delights of new technology — at the decided expense of (more…)

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False Colors

by Emmett R Smith

THE Bankrupt state of American conservatism is revealed by a content-survey of such online outfits as (more…)

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