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Oesch’s die Dritt

Familie Oesch grupenbild -- 060513

von Bodwyn Wook

Das fix ist in! Die Familie Oesch jodeln Sänger aus der Schweiz sind einfach topflight. Die Gruppe heißt Oesch die Die Dritt vorzuverlegen die Tatsache, dass Schwester und Brüder Melanie, Mike und Kevin in der dritten Generation in ihrer Familie, die traditionelle Schweizer Jodler singen sind:

Dieser Link ist auf einen Block von zweiundvierzig ihrer Zahlen an verschiedenen Aufführungen:


Und ein Wellengang Arbeit, die sie tun!




Hoffentlich werden Sie genießen diese so viel wie do I. .. und die Familie Oesch eines Tages hierher kommen nach New Ulm, MN, und geben unseren “Oldtime Music” ein guter Schuss in den Arm.

[Bodwyn Wook

[alle Rechte an die Inhaber wieder

[5. Juni 2013]

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Our Dogged Daze

Another August On The Minnesota Southern Tier

by Anglo-American Farmer Bodwyn Wook

Monday, 3 August 2009

051709 picture in fog by Doug Ohman

Longrider posted a beautiful photograph of his taking, of a green preying mantis:


A lovely creature, we don’t have them as far North as in Minnesota but may, one day, if there is anything to the global warming hoax.  MDPIC sent for the larva of some last year but (more…)

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You ARE Being Watched

[re-posted by Bodwyn Wook]

081409 Crow by Jormungandr91

The Crow Paradox

Heard on Morning Edition

Copyright © 2009 National Public Radio®

 Crow by Jormungandr91

July 27, 2009 – STEVE INSKEEP, host:

Somebody may be holding a grudge against you right now and you may not even realize it. To tell us about that somebody…we’ve brought in NPR science (more…)

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July Daze

Heat Struck On My Hay Wag(g)on

by (Anglo-) American Farmer Bodwyn Wook

1 July 2009

Eating Meat

051709 picture in fog by Doug OhmanI think that to gouge on a bunch of meat especially that one has not killed and cleaned for oneself is obnoxious, but most cannot live except in that way.  There is a lot of cruelty in it all at best, this can of course and should be lessened, to say otherwise is denial above all of the majesty and joy of the future.  Any other stance (“It’s ALWAYS gonna be that way, Maaan!”) is just not very-well-disguised “secret” pessimism, something actually ridiculous in Libertarians. 

But, the only authentic manifestation of any real (more…)

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June Bug Notes

Down On The Farm At the Turning Of The Year

by Anglo-American Farmer Bodwyn Wook

OUR June bugs are mainly May beetles and done for by early June.  Otherwise, here are the odd lines of bucolic insight & BS that didn’t get posted here quite until now….

20 May 2009

Farmer Exercises

by Bodwyn “Spinach Breath” Wook

051709 picture in fog by Doug Ohman

[This was going to be a “brag” piece about all the pull-ups I can do and plus I’m sixty years old, nanner, nanner…but, there is “no use in pissing off people just for the Hell of it,” as Judson Andersen or Nejmi Mohammed, or somebody, used to say…and besides which I LOST the God-damn draught!  BW]

31 May 2009

Dirty sonofabitch!  Got nailed by my first (more…)

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One  Of The Antagonists?

by Bodwyn Wook

052607 Baltimore Oriole male hoarding orange half and planning fight with any interlopers


As I noted two days since, ’twas a lovely Sunday spent here yard-farming (gardening).  Hay-baling this week, after she dries a bit.  It ain’t exactly raining but is damp & cool, not the best for a good dry-down….  But on Sunday evening after thinning various pot herb plantings to a fare thee well and watering it all down to beat Hell after, I sat in the garden in the long evening light and read about la Hogue.  Heartwarming stuff…and, then, two gaudy Baltimore Oriole buckos started (more…)

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An Aerial Duel Between Kings

by Anglo-American Farmer Bodwyn Wook

051709 picture in fog by Doug Ohman

I put up this question earlier on some of the English blogs:

Is it even possible, to-day, for the sovereign, to convey displeasureand, precipitate a general election — by reversing previous assent in Privy Council to all bills laid in this session, in effect vetoing not only said bills but the Parliament?

Some guy fussed about the lapidary wookean prosody; but, The Landed Underclass answered:

BW: not that I’m aware of. Were such a thing to occur, I suspect that there would be a Commission (more…)

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Exercises For Farmers

by Anglo-American Farmer Bodwyn Wook

051709 picture in fog by Doug Ohman

A blogger in England wrote that they object mightily to the proposed NHS scheme whereby everyone over fifty be put on statin and other cardiovascular medications.  These pills of course are not good for you.  Naturally, the real question is cui bono?  I replied:

Thanks! for yet another opportunity to swell and blow and (more…)

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by Anglo-American Farmer Bodwyn Wook

051709 picture in fog by Doug Ohman

Wind to fifty mph, temps in the nineties yesterday and today.  Thirty percent humidity and so drying — parching — instead of dank.  The fields are blowing around and they say there is bad visibility in some parts of the state.  At forty-four or forty-three degrees of latitude this REALLY is just a little too far South to be entirely comfortable for actual (more…)

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by Anglo-American Farmer Bodwyn Wook

051709 picture in fog by Doug Ohman

We have been having a cool not to say cold Spring, but yesterday touched off 82 (OS) and more of same is forecast for to-day and to-morrow.  Then back to around seventy, which still will be higher than before.

Here we are at a delightful stage in the farming, everything is sown and I’ve time to potter in my garden and with some drawing and (more…)

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