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MORE Climate-Change Panic

by B ‘C Darwin’ Wook


‘MY advice to the “super rich” is to put “your” illegitmate fiat “money” to work on finding ways for yourselves off the planet, either in von Neuman probes….

‘Or, by swapping your distinctly unattractive minds & characters onto Dr Hawking’s electromagnetic scale & AWAY from this messy (!) molecularity.’

[Bodwyn Wook]


This is panic & (im!)pure hype. 

What is going on is simply natural — including, of course, OUR flawed species’ knack for (more…)

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Is ISIS A “Threat”?

by Bodwyn Wook


Another expensive war-outing?  

Ah, phooey…but what a Hell of a “good” excuse for the innumerable (!) competing “anti-terrorism specialists” & OTHER self-announced frauds…to wipe out some more of the Constitution.  

Plus it only gets worse & you read it HERE first:

A pinch of this pigshit WILL get you a ton of it, namely it is possible more than somewhat that every single God-damned one of these dumb “intelligence” outfits is probably operating on (more…)

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The Most Likely ‘By WHOM’ of Putin’s Downfall

posted by Bodwyn Wook

“EU Sanctions Against Russian Elites Could Pose Existential Threat To Putin Regime”

Paul Vale


I will only add supra that in light of a certain wider longterm view & taking into account the definitively LIMITED territorial loyalties of global financial elites, those mutually-rivalrous (NB) Russian oligarchs most likely to give la Putin a boot in the ass WILL be those with the widest & most far-reaching East Asian OR pan-Turkish business-connections & incentives.  [BW]

[Bodwyn Wook

[all rights revert to holders

[23 July 2014]


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skull & crossbones -- 090613Another Day…ANOTHER “Answer” To Life

by Bodwyn Wook

In a comment on this posting below, someone wrote in to say, “Give us all some time here in order to understand the point in this”:


It is kind of the person to have asked & I am glad for the interest in this Death that is so suppressed everywhere among us, but all I can say, really, is that my effusions most usefully will be taken by anyone reading them as no more than so many ports de sortie into the Beyond.

The best result will be if the reader starts to scribble or draw their own “stuff”!

For THE question is, just what are the accumulating fantasies & imaginal things about Death that YOU are laying up in the back of YOUR (more…)

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skull & crossbones -- 090613Living On Time By Dying Well

by Bodwyn Wook


It is all well & good to ‘want’ others to live…right up TO the point of coercion, even.

But in Love, my poesis altogether might be, well, just  a tad different say than ‘yours’, on learning that Death even now is walking about IN my house.

(As He indeed is in all of ours as we sit & read & fume & write…

(He lifting impolitely & looking under things on the tables & shelves, and in the drawers (more…)

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Once Again Either-Or ‘Thinking’ Queers The Pitch!

by Bodwyn ‘C Darwin’ Wook071414 -- Mr Murdoch


Mr Murdoch, of course, is unfortunate in that he does indeed resemble, rather, a clitoris or cock-knob that HAS been ‘sniggled’ a bit too often….

Whereas, for one, I — an old man otherwise, to be sure, in a similar condition to the gentleman’s — am not sceptical about climate change; but, certainly, I AM doubtful of the merit of very many, if not all, of these politicised highly-stylish yelps now going on, of, ‘Honey, do SOMETHING!’ 

‘The climate’ in fact is a seamless & polyvalent topos woven in a tissue of ensuing events going back to the formation of the planet; and, as the case may be, it WILL persist albeit only in a cloud of gas & piss to The END. (more…)

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Another DSM…ANOTHER “Diagnosis”

by B “S Freud” Wook


“WHEN will we as adults, adult men & women & citizens FINALLY stop running & running & panting to fetch these wickedly false foul balls thrown down “from on high” by anachronistic & left-behind Late Modern professionalists of the now-wholly-discredited MS’U’ at Gallows City, MN-type?”  [B Wook]




Surely THE need — especially in the courtroom — IS to bring home to & jury & benchmaster simple, bare & direct accounts of individual wrongs being suffered as citizens equal (more…)

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“They ain’t NOBODY here but us DIGITWITS, Boss!”

by B Wook


Okeh, Kids…NOW let’s put on them THINKING caps!

‘Cause WHY?

‘Cause the MyFace contract with each one of its marks is JUST like another marriage:

In ABSOLUTE terms, BOTH the people in each one are playing power-games because they are EQUALLY (more…)

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‘Squeeze ROCKS!’ Afghan Combat Vet Told

by Bodwyn Wook


This report shows how to-day between the professions there is less-and-less ‘translation’ even (more…)

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Babbling Along In Babylon

by B “H L Mencken” Wook


A “medical event”?

Why ever, Ever, EVER use plain American when some jabber or other will cloud the issue so much better?

Another peculiarly deceitful specimen of doubletalk — THIS one has been rotting around our necks for a long, long time — is “authorities”.

These gentry are neither scholars nor writers, they are cops & other CLEANERS.


[B Wook

[all rights revert to holders

[6 July 2014]

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