Coverage Of The Scopes Trial by H.L. Mencken

From The Baltimore Evening Sun, June – September 1925

["The so-called religious organizations which now lead the war against the teaching of evolution are nothing more, at bottom, than conspiracies of the inferior man against his betters."

[H L Mencken's jibes are both cruel, alas, and sidesplittingly funny; we ALL know folk of this sort & they are, alas, often to be found lurking in our own families!

     Homo Neanderthalensis June 29, 1925
     Sickening Doubts About Publicity June 29, 1925
     Impossibility of Obtaining Fair Jury July 10, 1925
     Trial as Religious Orgy July 11, 1925
     Souls Need Reconversion Nightly July 13, 1925
     Darrow’s Eloquent Appeal July 14, 1925
     Law and Freedom July 15, 1925
     Fair Trial Beyond Ken July 16, 1925
     Malone the Victor July 17, 1925
     Genesis Triumphant July 18, 1925
     Tennessee in the Frying Pan July 20, 1925
     Bryan July 27, 1925
     Aftermath September 14, 1925



Homo Neanderthalensis

The Baltimore Evening Sun, June 29, 1925


Such obscenities as the forthcoming trial of the Tennessee evolutionist, if they serve no other purpose, at least call attention dramatically to the fact that enlightenment, among mankind, is very narrowly dispersed. It is common to assume that human progress affects everyone — that even the dullest man, in these bright days, knows more than any man of, say, the Eighteenth Century, and is far more civilized. This assumption is quite erroneous. The men of the educated minority, no doubt, know more than their predecessors, and of some of them, perhaps, it may be said that they are more civilized — though I should not like to be put to giving names — but the great masses of men, even in this inspired republic, are precisely where the mob was at the dawn of history. They are ignorant, they are dishonest, they are cowardly, they are ignoble. They know little if anything that is worth knowing, and there is not the slightest sign of a natural desire among them to increase their knowledge. Continue Reading »

A Biological Fact


Ukrainian plebiscite -- 031614

by B ‘Chas Darwin’ Wook

A ‘Friend’ comments ‘I think…that Putin is having a late mid-life crisis and sees the weak US and Nato leadership as a golden opportunity for a land grab’.

This kind of thing is as biological as it is melancholy and so it is not entirely a non sequitur.  In old males, the loom of impotence & Death often results in these ‘last hurrahs’; it is, at bottom, a drive Continue Reading »

The 21st Century Is Finally Begun

by Bodwyn Wook

The Sunday Times -- 031614It is probably fair to say from to-day & henceforward that Russia ‘is back’ indeed on the stage as a contentious player & power-driven factor that must now be considered by North Atlantic chancelleries in the case of virtually all policy decisions; the key is Russian national interest, indeed, and President Putin in the last analysis is at least as canny a Russian nationalist as was Old Stalin, before him. Once again, the Baltic states, Poland & the hither Slavic states & Hungary will — must — revert to the Russian orbit & this is now the form of the Eastern European world probably for the balance of the twenty-first century.

The one great good thing to come out of this may be that from henceforward other territorial & constitutional states will resume behaving as states & not simply as a system of central banks, being milked in support of a would-be emerging & starkly unaccountable colossus of so-called ‘market states’.

But, for a mercy, the reassertion of Russia in the World marks in any case & for good & all an end to the New Antisemitism of these highly bogus & strictly made-for-Tee Vee ‘terror wars’ & other figments of the historically failed western Baby Boom generation that was so badly misled emotionally in policy by the essentially fallacious ‘reparative’ claims of a tragic, doomed Zionism.

[B Wook

[all rights reserved by the gentleman, Wook, to this incisive & inarguable analysis penned solely by him & presented here by him in his assertion of his moral right as the sole proprietor & sole beneficiary of this exemplary display of his, Mr Wook's, peerless historical grasp & its associated & heartstoppingly infallible insights.

[15 March 2014]

‘More’ Is Not Necessarily Better

by B ‘Dr Kervorkian’ Wook

skull & crossbones -- 090613‘Productive’?  Or, just more of the same tedious (!) getting, spending & hence that much more…defecation? 

The dull & unintelligent literalism that steams in our narrative everywhere like dogshit on the pavement is exemplified by this witless drooling linked below & this is the real measure of our moral poverty, not the opportunity sooner rather than  later to be materially dead & out of it & no longer part of the utterly doomed & insoluble (NB) mess of biological existence.


[B Wook

[all rights revert to holders

[15 March 2014]

I Yamamoto -- 030514

“[We must remember especially now the possible role of] Putin’s disappointed & raging oligarchs who certainly have their own stake & disappointed claims in this all.”


A Tale Of Two Gamblers

by B Wook

Dr Alan D Zimm, in his 2011 analysis of Japanese strategic failure at Pearl Harbor, The Attack On Pearl Harbor, may help us to see the form of a possible resolution of the Putin affair today in the Ukraine.


For President Putin Vladimir indeed is very much a man similar to the Admiral Yamamoto Isoroku type, certainly as risk-taker & outright gambler!

Now at the end of November, 1941, anchors aweigh & underway, Zimm states that Yamamoto when he then received word of Continue Reading »

State Policy, “Intelligence” & The Embarrassment of Information Inflation

by B Wook

The rather ridiculous overdoing by the postmodern American NSA may be no more than a late-historical endtime curiosity, although acutely embarrassing.  This sort of what I have come to call information inflation may in fact have its most utter roots in historical momentum, in this case of the dynamic laid down by an earlier & more-confident era. 

In other words, processes begun in an earlier victorious period & THEN, in the light of that same victory undoubtedly ingenious, overcome above all historically the critical faculties & then, tragically, the truly creative side of the intelligence-mission — perhaps even that ever-changing remit of a series of later periods & indeed whole generations.

In the last analysis, then, it may not even be the uncritically pursued sheer vulgar “volume” of all this quondam “data” that is important:

For example, in 1942 — now over seventy years since –  in the runup to the Battle of Midway, “[o]f the thousands of translated messages that indicated Japanese intentions of occupying Midway and trapping the United States fleet, less than a hundred have been found. It is, therefore, difficult to reconstruct Continue Reading »

Selfing It Up At The State Funeral!


by B Wook

Mrs Obama DOES look sort of frosted off! (I almost wrote ‘browned off’ here, in a reprise of our Pop’s WW II English slang, but anyway….)

Selfing It Up At The State Funeral -- 121013Inescapably, the notion of propriety comes to mind….

What ever IS the President’s wife thinking?

Now, “inappropriate” of course is a typical instance of minatory Womanspeak, most commonly found in the marital context; here, it is probably a necessary consequence of the fact that Mr Obama probably would not even BE President, if Mrs Obama had been not been poking him right along in the ass all these years, AND supervising the old guy whenever they are out “in Society”.

Going a level deeper, of course, the Danish Prime Minister, with her ill-omened expression of an ambiguous significance, looks very like THE bowling alley-varnished type of one of our very own hometown Mankato, MN, cigaret women who have been through the domestic mill a couple of times & now, thoroughly cured of “Luv,” are the hard core of our hard-charging Hangtown “Real Estate” queens.

I am NOT insinuating that the President is cultivating any untoward fantasies; but, in view of the real discrimination Blacks in America have faced so often in housing, subliminally the President MAY be reinsuring his post-White House residential bet!

Whereas Mr David Cameron, the English ['British' -- ed] PM, merely looks like the somewhat pudgy guy in junior high who is always schmeltzing on the margins of the “in” crowd….

The Piano Man -- 121013Another American President came a cropper at home that night through letting down his guard a hair too much whilst socializing, earlier; it was when Harry Truman let himself be photographed while tickling the ivories & with a starlet lolling atop the upright piano!

But, Mr Truman never, ever went off the rails, not really, and nor shall Mr Obama, or so one confidently expects, not least from the determined set of Mrs Obama’s jaw!

[Bodwyn Wook

[all rights revert to holders

[10 December 2013]


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