Katia Zatuliveter -- 090714Katia…You Were Meant For ME

by Sir Bodwyn Wook, KCB, OBE, SOB cet etc



If Mom had not deep-sixed the Old Man’s plans to send me to his old school in Yorkshire back in the good old John Profumo-Christine Keeler days, and then onto Cambridge, why…I, and NOT this obese LibDem scoundrel, Mr Michael Cockinhand, should have gotten to do the ‘scandal thing’ now in MY well-earned old age in Parliament with this undoubtedly charming & slavophone young person.

There simply is no ‘justice’ in this hellish pesthole of existence & nor not even of the poetic variety….

‘[The panel] concluded that Ms Zatuliveter’s “rapid consummation of affairs” with powerful older men, including a Nato diplomat and a Dutch diplomat, were genuine and not directed by the Russian Intelligence Service.’

[Bodwyn Wook

[all rights revert to holders

[14 August 2014]


skull & crossbones -- 090613

by Bodwyn Wook

Death, with whom I’ve been getting on terms lately, is rather informative (as well being surprisingly full of jokes & laughter!).

As I, just another one of his doomed objects of course, get closer with him, he really likes to let on about more & more.

“I mean, YOU at least talk to me…so why shouldn’t I spill a little?  It’s just that Continue Reading »

Those Who Are Excluded

by ‘abd al-‘abru


Virtually the same personality type(s) in all cultures & countries & successive generations Continue Reading »

A New Caliphate?

A New Caliphate?

by Bodwyn Wook

‘…[I]f History be any guide at all, the re-stabilisation of a significant period of historical time most likely will rise from within the intellectual & imaginal resources that dwell under the great dome of islamic culture.’ 

[Bodwyn Wook]




The emergence for the next century or so of a new centripetal islamic Caliphate cannot be ruled out.

Naturally, to acknowledge the possibility is unnerving for the political & professional classes of the Old Atlantic West; such a development with its patently reactionary trope, above all in the practise of religion in the World, is after a more absolute sign from History than any Continue Reading »

Greed & Blindness

Greed & Blindness

by A Dervish


How MUCH on average do these ranks & tiers of “university” misadministrators suck down apiece AND in total per year, anyway?

I perceive that if we had all the numbers, it would become clear that these “helping professional” gentry indeed have been helping themselves & riding high IN EXCESS of Continue Reading »

“…[T]he whole co-‘educational’ affair of today CAN not be anything other than a behavioral sink.”  [Bodwyn Wook] 


by B “M Foucault” Wook, Ph D


The historical vanishment of initiatory ceremonies of any convincing emotional impact at all for the young throughout the 500-year North Atlantic Modern Age now over leaves us without religion; wholly dependent for any moral sense of Self on the kind of scientific “reason” that gave us the A-bomb & Zyklon-B; and — since WW II & the advent of Playboy — saturated in a relentless flood of ever-more-virulent & hysterical pornography.

Accordingly, our female children form the childish habit from childhood of parading in public more-or-less naked, themselves all so many young women now for all seasons & with not one single notion between a thousand even of them that Lust is a profound & sometimes terrible spirit.

And, our male children wander with their drawers hanging from the waistbands at their knees in a coma of Continue Reading »

pene caput suum supra terra fugit…et veritate ambulare

scripsit B ‘S Augustinus’ Wook


The dark curse of anachronistic late-modern state-subsidised Credential Professionalism rears yet once again its scabby & somewhat-psoriatic pecker head.

Be that as it may & in clear view of the entire collapse everywhere around us of the Late Modern University & Professional Order, it should come as but a blinding glimpse of the obvious that from now & henceforward our secrets shall be ALL the more & simply Continue Reading »


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